Makefield Highlands Golf Club is located in the historically famous Bucks County. It is one of the top-notch golf courses around the world. It is situated in the earlier Pleasant Valley Estate Farm. The history of this prestigious golf course dates back to the early eighteenth century. It is governed by a golf academy. This academy is led by well-trained staff having certification in golf instruction. If playing at such a course is all you want, this is high time for you to fulfill your wish. Don’t worry, you will not need to drive to the physical course.

The Golf Club 2019 has created a virtual golf course, Makefield Highlands Lidar, to provide you with all the amenities that you could receive from the physical course. If you are a novice, its design will let you learn new tricks. If you are an old player, you will be able to work on the skills that you already have. Bring it to your home now!