Choosing a golf launch monitor can be a crucial process for any golf enthusiast. Launch monitors are not only the most important element of your golf simulator but also the costliest item among the lot. Therefore, before investing in an expensive gadget, you must understand what suits your need best.

However, with continuous advancements in golf simulator technology and the abundance of products in today’s marketplace, it could be rather confusing to settle for a particular product. SkyTrak has already been a trusted name for golf launch monitors for some years now. The high level of accuracy and user-friendly features has already made it a popular choice. On the other hand, Mevo from FlightScope stands as a strong contender of SkyTrak.

Last year, FlightScope launched their new golf launch monitor Mevo+ at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show, which created significant hype. Since its debut, Mevo+ has received a lot of positive remarks and appreciation. Given the positive feedback of both the products, we hereby present to you a comprehensive product comparison between Mevo+ and SkyTrak to help you choose between them.


SkyTrak is known for its photometric camera technology that accounts for its high accuracy. This high-speed camera technology calculates the shots by capturing multiple images of the ball before, during, and after the impact.

On the other hand, Mevo+ uses a 3DDoppler radar technology similar to its previous versions. It can your club metrics and ball flight. 

Both the technologies are very reliable and all golf launch monitors today use them as the standard technology.


SkyTrak and Mevo+ launch monitors are very similar in terms of the data points they provide. Essentially, they both can measure all sorts of ball data, along with some essential club metrics. However, both of them miss out on some advanced club metrics like impact location and face angle. If you have just the right space to swing your club, you are good to use a SkyTrak launch monitor. However, with Mevo+, you will require a larger space. It needs to be placed at least 8’ behind the ball as well as need to capture 8’ of ball flight to measure your shot accurately.

Space Requirement

Compared to Mevo+, SkyTrak requires smaller space. It usually needs only a few feet of the ball flight to measure the ball data and should be placed right in front of the ball.


Both products reportedly perform well both indoors and outdoors. However, considering the smaller space requirement of SkyTrak, it is better suited for using indoors. On the other hand, FlightScope’s Mevo+ performs better outdoors than SkyTrak according to the initial reviews. Other than its distance specifications for measuring the ball data, Mevo+ also uses weather data to calculate. This makes it more suitable for outdoor usage.

Overall, both launch monitors are excellent choices in terms of improving your game. However, the choice between Mevo+ and SkyTrak comes down to two factors. First, how much space do you have? And second, where do you intend to use it. Figure these conditions out and you will know which unit to get for yourself.