Golf is all about accuracy and precision. This is the reason pro golfers invest so much in gadgets that help them track their games. These gadgets help you capture the flawless ball and club data, analyze them, and yield a complete picture of your strokes and swings, pointing out the areas you need to put more effort in. Such precision is nearly impossible when you try to track manually. Hence, more and more golfers are leaning toward golf accessories and training aids that effectively help them in their game improvement and Garmin Approach G80 is one of them. 

With the advancement of technology and innovative ideas, golf gadgets have become more flexible, effective, and to some extent, indispensable. In today’s time, golf gadgets come in various shapes and sizes, often loaded with remarkable features. From GPS wearables to funky tees, the range of accessories has dramatically expanded only to make the game even more exciting. The latest addition to this list is Garmin Approach G80. This incredible golf gear is a first-of-its-kind device that provides you all the necessary data. Take a look at the detailed review to know the product better.

All-In-One Golf Training Aid

If you are looking for complete guidance while on the golf course, the Garmin Approach G80 is your ultimate choice. Essentially, it’s the first-ever handheld golf GPS that comes with an integrated launch monitor. This means that Garmin Approach G80 does not only read and give you the estimated distance to the front, middle, and back of the green, it also tracks your ball and club to gives you accurate data on ball speed, clubhead speed, swing tempo, and smash factor. In other words, this device allows you access to any distance that you may need on the golf course while helping you hone your golf skills at the same time. 

Impressive Performance

Garmin is known for manufacturing premium GPS devices across different industries. Similarly, they have come up with several GPS innovations for golf that visibly help golfers improve their skills and make better strategic decisions on the golf course. Considering their reputation, there is no question about the quality of GPS functionality. But, to the reviewers’ surprise, the integrated launch monitor also easily stacks up against the leading launch monitor brands in terms of accuracy and performance. 

Unbelievable Features

The major highlight of Garmin Approach G80 is its host of incredible features. As a handheld GPS, it gives you the most reliable estimated distance so that you would be able to adjust your shots and not rely on lucky guesses. But there is more. Its large, bright 3.5” display makes it easy to read the data even under direct sunlight. The sleek, smart design comes with a quick-access radar button, making it super easy to use. It comes with an astounding 41,000 preloaded courses. Moreover, the integrated launch monitor offers practice modes, tempo training, and virtual rounds, making it a perfect training gear. 

Garmin Approach G80 is in itself unique. There is no other gadget that combines a GPS handheld and a launch monitor. As such, it is the best training aid you can ever get yourself.