Ready to take your golf skill to the next level but don’t want to spend a fortune on a golf simulator? TruGolf is here for you. One of the biggest names in the golf simulator market, TruGolf has brought an amazing golf simulator series—the TruGolf Vista Series golf simulators. The moderately priced devices are exceptionally budget-friendly, but it does not compromise on quality or technology. Like any of its high-end simulators, the Vista series is also supercharged with technologies that will give you the ultimate immersive experience of a real-life golf course, coupled with the highest level of accuracy in tracking all your shots.

It is also one of the most portable and lightweight golf simulator series available in today’s market. The affordable, easy-to-use golf simulator range gives you the true-to-life immersive experience like any other premium golf simulator, that too only in a fraction of the cost. If you are serious about mastering your skills, then this is the best indoor golf system for you. If you are still unsure about choosing the product, here is a breakdown of the features and highlights of the TruGolf Vista Series to help you compare the product.  


The devices use TruGolf’s patented TruTrack 2 technology powered with three rows of powerful optical sensors. These sensors can accurately measure your clubface angle and club path during impact, thus giving you precise data for all your shots. 

Visual Output

Powered with E6 Connect’s HD quality projection and 4k graphics, TruGolf Vista golf simulators guarantee flawless picture quality with crystal clear images, vivid colors, and an impressive aspect ratio. Together, they offer the most realistic and immersive golf experience within the comfort of the four walls of your home.


The futuristic design of TruGolf Vista Series golf simulators makes it an absolute favorite among consumers. The lightweight aluminum frame makes the system highly portable. It is very easy to set up. The compact design enables you to easily put up or take down the system without having to attach anything to the wall.

The matte-box design also effectively blocks ambient light to give you the highest possible image clarity. It comes with a floor-mounted projector secured with a protective hood, allowing you as much hitting space as possible. The overhead lighting, premium-quality impact screen, and sturdy hitting net make Vista Series the first choice for golfers. Moreover, the teeing area is designed to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed golfers.


TruGolf Vista Series golf simulators are equipped with pre-installed E6 Connect—the most efficient and popular golf simulator software in the market. It comes packed with hundreds of world-class golf courses, along with the option for customizing and designing your own golf course. Not just pre-loaded courses, E6 Connect also enables you to enter online championships and global tournaments, as well as allows you to connect with peers around the world and play. More good news—TruGolf Vista comes with a 1-year free subscription to E6 Connect. 

What more could you expect from a golf simulator? So, go ahead and choose from the exciting range of TruGolf Vista Series golf simulator and start playing.