Choosing the right golf mat is absolutely crucial to get the best possible indoor and outdoor golf practice experience at a minimal cost. It can give you great sessions in various places such as your living room, garage, yard, or garden. With so many great options on the market now, picking a suitable mat is quite difficult. Some of the best options to look at now are the Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel. 

Advanced Technology For Optimal Results

The innovative grass design of Country Club Elite Golf Mats eliminates the “fat shot problem” that plagues other mats. The Long Dense Fiber System simulates a lush fairway’s feel. If a user accurately hits the ball, the club can freely pass downwards and through the ball. On a fat shot, though, you can really observe the change since the long fiber technology can slow the club down like you have just made a deep divot or wasted a shot if you go too deep.

The grass turf of Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat is able to absorb and release the blow of a shot due to its unique shape, providing quick and realistic input at the moment of contact and eliminating the bounce issue often produced by conventional mats.

Country Club Elite Golf Mats are designed precisely to absorb the impact of a golf shot exactly how a real fairway would.  offering the most authentic feel possible that any synthetic surface can provide. The club sometimes bounces off, traditional golf matting, and there is a gliding motion into the golf ball, creating an artificial sensation and unrealistic results. Country Club Elite Golf Mats are made from a special fibre blend quite similar to grass. The material can easily take in and release the down-blow of a shot and replicates the feeling of a golfer performing a divot. 


  • Work on your golf swing from the comfort of your home
  • Get a genuine sensation from the mat as it enables golfers to effectively hit downwards on a ball
  • Reduce your score and improve your consistency as a player by practicing more in any place you want, whether it is your garage, basement, or yard
  • With Country Club Elite’s Real Feel technology and a greatly forgiving design, golfers can experience lower risks of practice-related injury. The Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat has strands capable of keeping abrasion at bay. So it is quite durable and can last you a long time even with frequent usage. 
  • For a very affordable cost and no extra investment, a golfer can get access to a professional-grade mat that can help them achieve immense improvements in their swing.

Additional Information

  • A 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty is also included Country Club Elite Golf Mat. 
  • Buyers can also take advantage of the brand’s 30 Day Buy and Try Returns facility if they required
  • You can get somewhere between 2 to 5 hours of usage with the mat.


Take a look at the information given above to get a better idea about the Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat.