River Oaks is one of the prestigious golf courses in the USA. This course provides some golfers with ample scopes of indulging in their favorite sport. The course is surrounded by magnifying scenic beauty. The layout of this beautiful golf course is so twisting that any golfers will find it challenging. If you want to test your golf skills in this challenging environment but are not able to physically visit the course at this moment, don’t worry.

The Golf Club 2019 has developed a virtual golf course, River Oaks (Lidar) v1, to help you enjoy the experience of playing at this renowned course from the comfort of your home. This is an 18-hole golf course (designed by BradyPett23). If you want to utilize your leisure and play golf at your home, this is the best bet for you. Along with enjoying the game, you can brush up on your golf skills in a challenging course layout.