Shenandoah Valley Golf Club is one of the most sought-after golf courses in Virginia. It is located at the heart of two mountain ranges, Blue Ridge and Massanutten. Washington D.C is 45 minutes’ away from this course.   It contains properly manicured greens and fairways, which are considered to be a heavenly arrangement for golfers. Its picturesque setting provides the golfers with a relaxing feeling that further helps them focus on the sport.

The twisting layout of the course helps the golfers to test their skills and improve them continuously. Are you willing to play this course? Don’t worry! The Golf Club 2019 has made a marvelous virtual golf course named Shenandoah BlueRed V1. It has all the facilities and strategic designs that a physical course possesses to make golf more interesting. Brace33 has designed this 18-hole virtual golf course. To indulge in the best golf practices, buy this incredible golf course now!