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Callaway Traverse Remote Control Push Cart

Callaway Traverse Remote Control Push Cart


If you have heard of a caddy, you would also know about its importance in golf. The caddy carries your clubs while you move from one position to another for playing shots. Callaway Traverse Remote Control Push Cart also simply allows you to walk freely on the ground while your caddy carries your bag full of clubs and other important things. But the product comes with a remote-controlled cart also not letting your caddy take stress – it has 3 programmed speeds, variable speed control, and a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. You can make it run on the ground for hours quietly and smoothly. You can also run Callaway Traverse Remote Control Push Cart manually with ease because of its adjustable handle – suitable for all types of heights, bodies, and preferences.

Additionally, the product comes with such a sleek, ideal design that anyone on the ground can notice it even from a huge distance. Callaway Traverse Remote Control Push Cart simply allows you to focus on your shots completely. It has now been proven that the advancement in the world of golf has also happened through caddies. Now, golfers simply do not have the burden of carrying their bags and making huge distances. They rather need to hold a remote and run the product smoothly on the ground without causing any trouble to anyone. With Callaway Traverse Remote Control Push Cart, your golfing experience is undoubtedly going to be awesome, no matter if you are playing a home simulation game of golf. 

Product Details

  • Remote 
  • Adjustable Handle 
  • Golf Bag and Ball Holders 
  • Umbrella Mount 
  • Drink Holder 
  • Storage Compartment 

Product Features

  • Remote Control steering the Caddy forward, reverse, left, and right 
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery powering the cart up to 27 holes 
  • Sealed motor housing and gearbox for quiet and smooth operation 
  • Folds for easy transportation or storage

Product Video