Launch monitors have become an integral part of the golf industry now. There is no denying that!

You want to step-up your game, go buy a launch monitor for yourself.

You can use a launch monitor in your indoor golf practice sessions with or without simulations, club fitting, and coaching.

You can also bring one to the golf club with you to get the essential ball data which would eventually help you to take your game to the next level.

However, it is arduous to find a good launch monitor in a decent price range. There are very few decently priced, robust launch monitors available in the market. SkyTrak is one of them.

SkyTrak launch monitor was introduced in 2015 as a mid-ranged launch monitor by the mutual contributions of SkyGolf and SportTrack companies.

It is a reasonably priced launch monitor that is somewhere in between a high-end and a low-end launch monitor. However, it is of high quality and provides high-accuracy, no less than a commercial model.

What features does SkyTrak provide?

SkyTrak launch monitor offers the following features:

  • Standard driving range to view shot data
  • Multi-color shot tracers
  • Numeric display
  • Competitions such as long drive and closest to pin challenges
  • Session history
  • Environmental controls
  • Club fitting assessments
  • Skill tests for skill assessments
  • Bag mapping
  • Wedge matrix
  • Compatible with golf simulation software

Why SkyTrak? What are the benefits?

SkyTrak is developed as a personal launch monitor that utilizes photometric technology to give an instant real-time shot analysis and highly accurate ball-flight data.

In addition to that, if you are an indoor golf simulation fan, you can combine your launch monitor with a high definition simulation package. Take the fun to the next level.

Some major benefits include:

  • It offers abundant game improving and practice features
  • Play or practice every day from the ease of your home
  • Accurate results just like top-end, expensive models – this is the main reason for SkyTrak’s popularity. It delivers such accurate data that only a high-end model like Foresight GC2 can provide
  • Play virtually any of your favorite golf courses in the world
  • Explore fun challenges
  • Many amazing features at a very affordable price

What data points it measures?

SkyTrak can measure the following data points:

  • Total distance
  • Carry distance
  • Roll distance
  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Offline yardage
  • Backspin
  • Sidespin
  • Flightpath
  • The angle of descent

How well it works with Golf Simulation software?

SkyTrak works amazingly with several prestigious golf simulation softwares. The top ones include E6 Connect, WGT (World Golf Tour), Fitness Golf and The Golf Club 2019.

In addition to that, it also works successfully with fun golf simulation softwares such as ProTee Play.

This is an extraordinary feature SkyTrak provides. You can play astounding golf courses such as Pebble Beach and Augusta National by integrating it with the WGT or The Golf Club 2019.

Final verdict

At such an affordable price, the SkyTrak Launch monitor is a real catch. From accuracy to high functionality, this launch monitor effectively beats its competitors.

So, if you crave an indoor golf simulator studio for practice or fun, there is no other option better than SkyTrak in the market right now. Happy golfing!