Choosing a golf launch monitor can be an overwhelming task. Over time, this technology has come a long way. Subsequently, the wide range of features, measurements, and data points provided by different launch monitors can be confusing to pick one. However, there are certain brands that golfers swear by. SkyTrak and Ernest Sports are two of such names in the space of golf launch monitor technology.

They are hands down the most reliable, cost-effective, and most accurate launch monitors that have been empowering golfers to improve their game with essential feedback. Yet, when one is to choose between these two, there is bound to be a dilemma. Both launch monitors give you the best-in-class accuracy, are very easy to use and are widely popular. To help you make up your mind while picking the right launch monitor for you, we bring you a comprehensive review and comparison between SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro in this blog. Go through the major differences and exclusive features to decide which one better suits your needs.

Accuracy And Data Points

Both SkyTrak and ES14 Pro are known for their amazing accuracy rate. However, the technology that they use for sensing and tracking your shots is very different. SkyTrak is a photometric launch monitor using a high-speed camera-based technology that captures a series of images to track various metrics like ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. Analyzing these, the software then provides you other important data, such as carry distance, club head speed, flight path, and angle of descent. 

On the other hand, ES14 Pro uses Doppler radar technology to measure your shots. The device provenly stacks up against the expensive launch monitors in terms of accuracy and ball data. This is the most accurate golf launch monitor that you can get within its price range. It can measure up to 7 data points, including vertical launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, and clubhead speed. 

Salient Features

Out of the box, both SkyTrak and ES14 Pro have mostly comparable features. Both of them come with their dedicated iOS/ Android-supported mobile apps that display the shot data. They are both very easy to set up and highly portable. The ES14 Pro is a great device to register your past sessions. It allows you to store all your shot and range sessions.

The Course Caddy feature can make club recommendations based on history too. Plus, it lets you record your session data without any extra hassle or cost. With SkyTrak, however, you will have to sign up for the membership plan to save your session data. But, the membership brings you added bonuses like WGT integration, target practice, skill assessment, long drive competitions and so much more. 

Final Verdict

Both SkyTrak and ES14 Pro are two of the most popular launch monitors in today’s time. Both of them come with tons of amazing features and ensure ample opportunities for game improvement. However, ES14 Pro is more suited for beginners. But if you are looking for some more features, complex data, and added entertainment value, then SkyTrak should be your go-to device.