When it comes to recreational golf, most home golfers look for either SkyTrak or Optishot 2 golf simulators. These two items are undoubtedly the most popular choice these days, and for good reason. Both SkyTrak and Optishot 2 provide ample game improvement features with a realistic simulation experience for you to enjoy the thrill of golf.

However, there are some key differences between these two golf simulators. In this blog, we have compiled a head-to-head comparison between SkyTrak vs Optishot 2. Before you invest your hard-earned money into any of them, read on to know which works best for you.


SkyTrak is perhaps the most interesting golf simulator out there. It is a launch monitor cum golf simulator that recreates the most authentic golf experience indoors. SkyTrak uses high-speed powerful sensors to record your ball movement after impact. The sensors can track the speed of the ball, side angle, launch angle, side spin, and backspin. Compiling the data, produces an almost accurate simulation as to where the ball will land. The host of data metrics can also be useful to improve your techniques, which is the biggest reason why SkyTrak is so popular among golfers. 

On the other hand, Optishot 2 is an entry-level golf simulator. Essentially it is a small hitting mat powered by built-in infrared sensors. The sensors record all your ball movements as you move from the back of the hitting mat to the front. Directly linked to your computer, the sensors relay the data and provide you with real-time feedback of all your shots.  


Unlike most golf simulators, Optishot 2 tracks your club instead of the golf ball. It is, therefore, not designed for measuring ball accuracy. As a result, it cannot forecast how the club will impact the ball. However, it predicts where the ball will land based on the swing analysis. Having said that, Optishot 2 provides higher accuracy in calibrating your clubs, which in turn produces higher accuracy in hitting the ball. 

SkyTrak, on the other hand, is one of the most accurate golf simulators available today. The high-speed sensors give you almost infallible metrics of all your shots. It can be safe to say that with SkyTrak, you will get the best feedback for your game improvement.  


SkyTrak is a complete one-in-all package that gives you everything from golf simulation to practice modes, world-class courses, and fun games. It also supports software like E6 Connect, The Golf Club 2019, and World Golf Tour.  

Optishot 2 is a simulator package. It offers 15 premium courses, swing analysis, and a built-in online multiplayer gameplay. This is not easily found in any other golf simulator at this price point. 

While both Skytrak vs Optishot 2 have great game improvement features and simulation quality, they differ mainly on price and accuracy. If you are a beginner and looking only for recreational golf, Optishot 2 is a great choice for you. But if you want a more advanced experience, go for SkyTrak.