With a new innovative approach in the world of golf, Sonny’s Spring Creek CC provides the proper experience of Spring Creek Country Club in Harrisburg, South Dakota, USA. Designed by friend BOMBER and launched by TGC 2019, this simulation golf course is nowadays considered the most ideal for golfers. Spring Creek Country Club is a beautiful golf course that again will work as an inspiration for golfers to play on the simulation golf course.

The 18-hole course is currently in its 28th year of operation while having a huge number of facilities including clubhouse and banquet rooms. The course is completely public. Other facilities like carts, clubs, teaching pro, driving range, pitching area, and putting green are also available with the course. Further, 100% recommend people to visit the course without any hesitation. For every golfer to get inside the course and play, there is a proper dress code that they need to wear – this rule needs to be maintained by golfers even if anyone is new to the field.