The exotic Stone Canyon Club is located at the slopes of the Tortolita Mountains of Tuscan. It is one of the A-listed consummate desert-designed golf courses. The artful contouring of the course articulates the ebb and flow of the rugged terrain. Its bunkers are spun by nature. The course is surrounded by fascinating scenery, which has Catalina Mountains at its eastern side.

The course is not only beautiful but also challenging for a golfer and everybody knows that a golfer needs a challenging course to overcome his weaknesses and improve his strengths. If you also want to play at such a course, you can try playing at Stone Canyon AZ (LiDAR) v1.0 created by The Golf Club 2019.  This is a spectacular 18-hole course (designed by Dwight Hall) that will help you grow as a skilled golfer and provide you with an undefinable feeling of joy. You will not only enjoy the game but also increase your abilities.