One of the most accurate and adaptable launch monitors for golfers of all skill levels is the Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator. The GCQuad is the only launch monitor in the market that uses quadrascopic imagery to provide the most precise, in-depth analysis of ball and club head performance. Golf Digest awarded the GCQuad the Editors’ Choice award for its ability to provide precise and reliable data both inside and outside. 

Four high-resolution, wide-angle cameras on GCQuad look at the club head and golf ball from four different angles. Its construction enables it to detect some of the tiniest variations in the rotation, speed, and angle of balls and clubs. Every camera has the ability to record at a rate of 6000 frames per second, giving customers access to very precise data.

If a player wants to review the details of any shot that the GCQuad has recorded for reference, they can always be retrieved from the clouds. You can always count on our cutting-edge launch monitor system to help you analyze your shots at home or evaluate your driving range shots.

This allows you to practice your strokes at the driving range before reviewing them at home. Make sure the launch monitor is at least 22 feet away before turning it on before beginning your practice, throw a ball. Due to the system’s high level of accuracy, users don’t need to exert much effort while adjusting settings. You have immediate access to all impact information.

Stats from Foresight Sports' GCQuad:

  • Ball velocity
  • Angles of horizontal launch
  • Angles of vertical launch
  • Reverse spin
  • Side spin
  • Long distance

Thanks to excellent imaging technology and very fast CPU capabilities, GCQuad is recognised as the greatest virtual golf alternative in the world and uses the FSX2020 Golf Simulation Software. The GCQuad Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator come with FSX 2020 software for golf simulation. This is one of the greatest solutions available if you want to practice and improve your abilities in a very realistic golf game. Various game types and high-definition visuals are available. 

Golfers may enjoy practicing on digital replicas of several well-known golf courses all around the world. Users may also compete against one another on FSX 2020 to boost their confidence before entering actual competitions. 

  • Tournaments Mode Compete
  • Support for foot golf in range mode
  • Image updates
  • Upto 6 feet in skill-building modules
  • Updating the club analysis screen
  • Fairgrounds Club effect location reporting with Foresight
  • Device indicator 
  • Skill building module for breaking glass
  • Stimp feature 

Details of the Foresight Sports GCQuad Package

  • FSX 2020 software 
  • Power cord
  • Stick alignment 
  • Markings for clubs
  • 2-year warranty 
  • USB-C cord 

Learn more about the GCQuad launch monitor and golf simulator by reading the information above. It can be just what you need to take your practice sessions to the next level and become a better golfer.