Golf impact screens are essential components for any home golf simulation setup as they offer a great deal of security. A durable and highly resistant impact screen can provide ample protection for your simulator and its surroundings. 

Currently, there are many popular impact screen options available to golfers across all levels of experience, at different price ranges. Regardless of budget you can find a suitable option for use with your simulator setup.  

The Net Return Home Series Simulator Kit

The Net Return Home Series Simulator Kit is a durable and premium quality option for home users. It includes the Net Return Home Series Net, considered to be among the best affordable impact screens on the market. This screen can fit well with a Net Return simulator setup and will offer a high level of protection from multiple directions and angles.

The impact screen can withstand high levels of impact and is made from sturdy materials, pairing up with a valance to create a high-performance setup. This is one of the top golf simulator impact screen options with the Net Return package. Users can also opt for purchasing the Net Return Home Series Golf Simulator Screen separately.  

Galileo Golf Impact Screen With Netting

The Galileo Golf Impact Screen with Netting is an impact screen that can be used both in outdoor and indoor settings. It comes with a back base elevation of targets to facilitate instant automatic golf ball returns. This Impact screen is a top option for those who want to power up their practice sessions. The time required to retrieve balls is reduced, and every session becomes faster due to the efficient ball return. 

The netting comes with side barriers and is composed of 50 percent polyethylene and 50 percent nylon. It is more than 6 feet tall, has equal width, and a depth of more than 3 feet. Users can enjoy a target that is 6 feet tall and has a width of 5 feet. The impact screen is quite sturdy as they have thick steel pipes along with robust nylon connectors. It is among the best options for budget golf impact screens and is relied upon by golfers across the world. 

HomeCourse Pro Retractable Golf Simulator Screen

The HomeCourse Pro Retractable Golf Simulator Screen is a top option for golfers who need a retractable screen. This impact screen model has a durable construction and ensures ample protection. It comes with a sturdy ballistic grade screen and can be controlled with a remote. A single touch is enough to retract or open up the impact screen in under a minute.

The screen is capable of flexing to produce the effect of the natural ball return. The Sky Net and its Pro Arms provide even more protection for mishits and stray balls that can cause extensive damage. This impact screen is wireless and is bundled with a charging cable and mounting kit. 

These are the top 3 options of home golfing impact screens you can avail of.