The Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor is an advanced overhead launch monitor loved by players all over the globe. This amazing equipment can track and evaluate a broad range of ball and equipment data thanks to a pair of swift cameras, dual infrared detectors, and other impressive features. The ground-breaking EYE XO Optix innovation takes the spotlight with lenses that can record at rates surpassing 3000 fps. Users may easily see slow-motion video of club hits on the display, which gives them a fascinating new perspective.

The powers and unmatched precision of the EYE XO will astound even some of the most sophisticated golf aficionados. Both right-handed and left-handed people can easily and conveniently use this gadget. Additionally, it easily connects with the industry-leading, highly acclaimed TGC 2019 golf simulator software.

The EYE XO includes Uneekor’s View program along with everything you need to improve your playing abilities. EYE XO Optix movies, multiple graphs showing dispersion statistics, and 3-D analysis of important parameters like swing and proximity are all provided by this potent instrument. Players who want more sophisticated features can switch to Uneekor’s complementary products, which offer online functionality and a number of extra benefits.

EYE XO setup details

Given its role as an overhead launch monitor, the EYE XO’s layout closely matches that of the Uneekor QED. The sensor band has to be firmly attached to the room’s ceiling, and wires need to go from it to a computer and electrical outlets. Uneekor advises correct setup by trained professionals to guarantee safety. The monitor has to be set up on a level platform that can easily sustain at least 30 lbs.

What is measured by the EYE XO?

A broad selection of data variables for assessment is available with the EYE XO. Club lie, path, head speed, loft tilt, dynamic loft, face, club face to path, and vertical and horizontal contact points are all factors that might affect a golf shot. The EYE XO has one of the most cutting-edge camera systems in the industry and matches the precision of a number of top alternatives now on the market. In particular, it outperforms the Uneekor QED with regard to accuracy.

Optix EYE XO Modes:

Three crucial components make up the EYE XO’s Optix innovation:

Ball Optix: This setting shows the ball’s real spin after every swing, giving you a clear picture of where it is in relation to the club’s face.

Club Optix: This provides a slow-motion video of the club impacting the ball together with a visualization of the club’s alignment upon impact.

Swing Optix: For a thorough study of your swing, this option uses multiple-angle recording, continuous replay, and drawing-over features.

Explore the information provided here to get familiar with the Uneekor EYE XO and its amazing features.