Owning a life-size indoor golf setup is the dream for every golfer, one that allows them to practice on their favorite golf course any time of the day. When you think of it, you might think about the golf simulator, the projector, the hitting mat, and so on. But, what about the screen? While this is something people often tend to overlook, the quality of your simulator screen could be a deciding factor in your overall golf simulation experience. And then there is more. The enclosure provides you the safety to hit the balls confidently and unhesitatingly within the four walls.  

While golf enclosures are crucial to set up your golf simulator system, we do recognize that space is a big deciding factor for many golfers. Despite the budget and will to get the best, many of you take a step back as you don’t have enough room to put up an enclosure. But your days of worrying are over. The golf market now offers several premium quality enclosures with a very little footprint, i.e., they take up considerably less space to allow you to have a perfect golf simulation experience at home or office. Here are the best golf enclosures with the smallest footprint. 

The Net Return Home Series Simulator Screen

The Net Return is perhaps the most popular brand when it comes to golf hitting nets and enclosures. Made with superior quality material, it promises impressive durability and the best-in-class safety for your indoor golf setup. The Net Return Home Series, in particular, is designed for home golfers. It can fit any space, be it your basement, garage, living room, or office.  

The no-frill simulator screen comes in a convenient hanging design. As a result, it minimizes the ball impact, cuts down bounceback, and protects the screen from wear and tear. It is made of heavy-duty, bright polyester fabric to give you the most amazing picture quality and can withstand even the fastest drives. You can pair it with the Home Series Net, along with a launch monitor and projector, and turn your system into a full-scale golf simulator.  

Cimarron 10’x10’ Impact Screen & Enclosure

This top-notch DIY simulator screen is the perfect choice for your home golf setup. It measures only 10’x10 and is made of 100% commercial-grade polyester. 

The screen is impeccably bright and flat, which perfectly pairs with the projection. You can also use this as a baffle net and an impact net. The superior material quality guarantees more baffle than a standard one. Besides, it can withstand high-speed shots as well. 

HomeCourse Pro 180 Retractable Golf Simulator Screen

If you don’t have the space to dedicate to golf, don’t worry. Bring home the HomeCourse Pro Screen and Enclosure. It features a retractable impact screen that allows you to turn any space into your practice arena and once you are done, get the room back for other purposes. 

What is more fascinating, you can control the super slick HomeCourse Pro Screen 180 wirelessly with just a click on the remote. It is also very easy to store away.