Golf simulators are rapidly becoming the most popular training aid today. And you will have to agree, it is the coolest thing ever. This incredible piece of technology brings the golf course right into the four walls of your home. Owning a golf simulator is not only helpful for your game improvement, but it could also be extremely recreational. You can spend time with your friends and family playing your favorite sport within the comfort of your home.

Considering all the advantages, some people dedicate a whole room to a home golf simulator setup and build their personal indoor golf studio or game room. If you don’t have that kind of space, you can set up the system in your garage, basement, even your office space. However, if you still facing a space crunch or looking for a more budget-friendly option, you have options too. Did you know that you can play golf with your TV alone? That’s right. You don’t need an expensive screen or hitting bay anymore; just turn on your TV and get ready to hit some shots. Here are some great plug-n-play options for you to enjoy an authentic, simulated golf experience. 

PhiGolf Swing Stick

For home golfers today, PhiGolf is the most effective and exciting option to enjoy golf simulation. Needless to say, it runs on your home TV. But the best part about PhiGolf is that it does not even require a golf ball.  

PhiGolf is essentially a swing stick equipped with powerful motion sensors. Using the sensors, the swing stick captures your swing movement and subsequently, simulates your shot that you can view on your TV. This makes PhiGolf a great choice for indoor use for golfers regardless of their age or skill level. Moreover, PhiGolf comes with a proprietary course-play software featuring 9 world-class golf courses. You can also upgrade with E6 Connect or WGT. 

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

OptiShot is one of the leading brands of golf simulators, and OptiShot 2 is arguably the best TV golf simulator. With this unit, you will hit your golf ball into a hitting net and view the simulation on your TV. The system uses an Infrared optical swing pad that analyzes your shots as they pass through the hitting area. The sensors capture the clubhead motion and simulate it.  

The best part of OptiShot 2, however, is that you can use both foam balls and real golf balls. This makes it the perfect choice for enjoying the most realistic golf simulation, regardless of your skills or handicap.

FlightScope Mevo+ Practice Package

This is the most premium TV golf simulator option available today. FlightScope Mevo+ is renowned for its accuracy and superior performance. Therefore, you can rest assured of its utility. However, you can also use this setup as a TV golf simulator, that too at a surprisingly affordable price. 

FlightScope Mevo+ is packed with stunning features. It gives you more than 16 data points with unmatched accuracy. You can pair this unit with various simulation software and use it both outdoors and indoors. To use this golf simulator with a TV, you will just need to plug the computer that is running the software with your TV.