While building a home golf studio, people often tend to overlook the quality of the golf simulator screen and enclosure. It might seem trivial, but the impact screen/ simulator projector screen holds equal importance when it comes to a realistic golf experience. Just like your hitting mat or simulator software, it contributes to the simulation of the real-life feel of a golf course within the four walls of your house. To be more precise, it accounts for the major part of the visual effect that you will get out of your golf simulator.

On the other hand, enclosures are a crucial part of your overall indoor golf experience as well. It ensures safety from errant shots and allows you to hit the ball freely without having to worry about damaging the walls or knocking things over when you hit the full-impact shots. However, today’s market is overflown with hundreds of impact screens and enclosure packages. Naturally, it could be quite confusing to choose from the multiple options available. To help you with the task, here is a list of the top golf simulator projector screen and enclosure package. 

The Net Return Simulator Series

Perhaps the most popular screen and net package in today’s time is The Net Return. The Simulator Series from the trusted brand has been one of the bestselling items since it was launched, and there are justified reasons for it. 

The Net Return Simulator Series screen and net combo allow you to include The Net Return Projector Mount Kit and add it on top of the enclosure, thus giving you more room for your shots. Moreover, the screen comes with a unique floating design that removes maximum bounceback and ensures enhanced ease of use. The ballistic-grade polyester material guarantees crystal clear image quality and extended durability as well. 

The best part of The Net Return Package, however, is that it features Automatic Ball Return Technology. It is the only hitting net in the world that returns the ball to the player after each shot so that you don’t have to chase around it all over the room. 

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen And Enclosure

Another trusted name in this regard is SwingBay by Rain or Shine Golf. The highlight of the impact screen is that it lets the projector fill the entire screen, leaving no room for empty space. SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure is able to give you the most life-like simulated golf experience indoors. 

SwingBay impact screen is also known to deliver the best image quality, thanks to its premium material and clarity. Moreover, it comes with a light dampening feature that blocks out the surrounding lights, thus giving you a clearer and brighter image. 

SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure

Skytrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package

If you are looking for a practical option, then go for SIG10 Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure package. It is budget-friendly, durable, and fuss-free—ideal for home golfers. The screen is made of commercial-grade polyester, with the assurance of bright, crystal-clear image quality. 

The black nylon walls combined with side barrier nettings ensure 100% safety and the weights along the netting help to keep the screen in place.