Golf launch monitors have become one of the most popular golfing equipment in the last few years. It is no surprise, for it could be the most valuable and helpful asset for someone who is serious about game improvement. Besides, it forms the core of any golf simulator as well. A launch monitor allows the player to precisely measure flight data, ball data, as well as track the shot so that one can understand where they are lacking in their skill and where exactly they need to put the extra effort.

Although it is very instrumental for every golfer, not everyone can afford a professional-level launch monitor. Not just because they are highly expensive, sometimes they are very complicated to understand. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, many affordable launch monitors have emerged in the last few years. Moreover, there are several portable ones that are super easy to carry around, yet very useful for understanding the game. 

There are several aspects that make a launch monitor great. Accuracy, advanced technology, size, and the range of data points are the most important factors among them. However, portability often becomes a great factor while choosing a launch monitor. These portable golf launch monitors are very convenient to use. Often, they fit right in your pocket that you can easily carry to the golf course, the driving range, or use at home. Here are our best picks in portable golf launch monitors for 2021. 

FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

Perhaps the most popular portable launch monitor available today is FlightScope Mevo. Lauded by users and critics alike, FlightScope Mevo is among the highest-rated launch monitors of 2021. It provides you real-time performance data as well as includes a video capture feature that helps you identify drawbacks in your swing. 

Using a high-end Doppler radar technology, FlightScope Mevo gives you eight precise data points including ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rate, carry distance, flight time, smash factor, apex height, and vertical launch angle. You will need to download the Mevo app on your smartphone or tablet to view the data for all your clubs in real-time. 

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Another unique launch monitor available today is The Rapsodo Mobile Lunch Monitor (Raposdo MLM). It is the first of its kind launch monitor that uses your phone’s camera to give you precise data.

It analyzes all your shots and gives you data on the ball and clubhead speed, carry distance, launch direction, and smash factor. Rapsodo MLM also features an active tracer to broadcast the exact ball flight and records the shots for you to playback later. 

Voice Caddie SC300i Launch Monitor

The latest upgrade from Voice Caddie, the SC300i is one of the most efficient launch monitors available today. Compared to its previous versions, SC300i has a better Doppler radar system as well as an extended battery life.

It also features a new mobile app that allows players to view playback videos of their swings later. Although it is a bit larger to fit in your pocket, it can easily be carried in your golf bag.