2021 was a weird time for everyone around the world. After the mayhem of COVID-19 in 2020, most countries in the world still struggled with the pandemic and its aftermath. However, the only positive thing about the lockdown situation was that it gave many of us golf addicts a little more chance to stay home and swing our clubs within the comfort of our houses.  

Moreover, with no places to go to and no means to have fun, many turned to indoor golf to pass their time as well. As a result, indoor golf gadgets and accessories were sold at a record rate in 2021. And the rise influenced the sale of the usual golf gears as well. Overall, 2021 has been a good year for golfers in this regard. As the year comes to an end and we move forward to the next year. Let us take a look back on the most exciting and best selling golf gadgets that we have come across in 2021.  

Garmin G80 GPS & Launch Monitor

When it comes to GPS technology, Garmin has no competition in the golf industry today. But the popular brand has moved a little forward this year and gave us its the latest offering—Garmin G80 GPS & Launch Monitor. It is a two-in-one solution for you.

You can play your favorite game with the stunning launch monitor at home and when on the course, it doubles as an incredible GPS device. Moreover, it comes in a perfect size that easily fits in your pocket. You can carry it around anywhere you go and get started whenever you want. The best part, however, is the fact that all of these come at a price under $500. No wonder it sold like hotcakes this year.  

Emperor Of Gadgets Executive Indoor Golf Putter Set

Not everyone could afford a full-size golf simulator system at home. More importantly, not everyone has the required space to set up one. With limited freedom to go out and access a driving range, the short game practice had been a favorite pass time for golfers this year.

And that is probably the reason this gadget was one of the bestsellers of 2021. It is an all-inclusive golf set complete with a golf ball, a putter, a carry case, and a hole. With one of these in your possession, you can practice putting anywhere, anytime.  

Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch

In the last few years, golf watches were all the rage. 2021 too followed suit and witnessed the record sale of GPS golf watches. Among all the brands and their products, Garmin Approach S20 was the highest-selling item.

This feature-heavy golf watch is not only budget-friendly, but also a great beginners’ gadget to measure your distance on the course, locate pin positions, and get immaculate game analysis. What’s more, it comes in an absolutely stunning design that makes you look cooler than ever. Have you got any one of them yet? If not, gift yourself the best selling golf gadgets and start the new year with a bang!