Every golfer dream of having a personal golf setup. And if you can set up a home driving range, then there is nothing like it. No matter how complex it sounds, building an indoor driving range is easier than you might think. Regardless of your budget or the space constraints that you may have, you can now get everything from small hitting mats to net setup well under $300, and there are plenty of options for them all. 

In this blog, we will guide you through everything to make your dream of having a home driving range come true. Having said that, most people nowadays don’t like to read lengthy pieces. And an overwhelming amount of information might confuse you even more, rather than helping you out with your requirements. So, we will keep things short and simple. Here are the three must-have items you need to build a home driving range and the best choices for them.  

Golf Hitting Net

The very first thing you will need for your home driving range is a premium quality golf hitting net. This item gives you security from haywire shots and mishit balls and protects your walls from getting damaged. It also gives you a target to practice your shots. The kind of golf net you need will depend on your purpose (whether your setup will be indoors or outdoors), the space you have, and of course, your budget. But make sure to never compromise on the quality. 

Our Pick: SwingNet Golf Hitting Net 

SwingNet golf net is the best overall golf net available today. It is sturdy, durable, and you can use this net both outdoors and indoors. It is also very easy to set up and portable. 

Golf Hitting Mat

The next thing you must own for building your driving range is a golf mat. This is the surface where you will hit your shots off, so quality is the main concern. It is also important to get a realistic feel to enhance your home golf experience. 

Our Pick: Fiberbuilt Studio Golf Mat

In terms of quality, nothing stacks against Fiberbuilt Studio golf mats. The efficient design with a replaceable center hitting strip provides the most authentic feel. The high-quality nylon grass material makes it durable and gentle on your joints. It also comes with an impressive 300,000-shot guarantee. 

Golf Launch Monitor

There is nothing more effective than a golf launch monitor to help improve your game. It captures and measures all the data points to give you a comprehensive analysis of your game. As a result, you can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses and subsequently work on them. After all, this is the whole point of owning a home driving range. 

Our Pick: Foresight Sports GC2 

Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor is arguably the best entry-level product out there. For an unbelievably affordable price, you can leverage the technology and features that coaches and tour pros recommend. Besides, it is renowned for its unmatched accuracy. The best advantage of GC2 is that by simply pairing it with the HMT add-on, you can get both ball and clubhead data to get a complete picture of your game.