The FlightScope X3 SwingBay Golf Simulator refers to a comprehensive golf simulator bundle that is considered a highly reliable launch monitor today. It is a top-notch combination of a launch monitor and a golf simulator package that is regarded highly by a host of famous professionals such as Bubba Watson and Bryson DeChambeau. It provides highly detailed and accurate in-game data to empower golfers across all experience levels to perform their best.

This bundle contains all you need to set up a quality full-fledged golf simulator and practice without delay. Two golf simulation software applications are included, as well as a suitable gaming laptop. This package might be all you need.

The FlightScope X3 gives golfers the most comprehensive performance analysis system on the market, monitoring over fifty different chippings, full swing, and putting data factors. The device’s doppler radar technology along with its in-built image processing facilitates a great deal of data accuracy. Golfers can implement changes to their surroundings to plan for and adapt to various different weather situations. They can get a combination of both video and data to get better practice outcomes. The FlightScope X3 also comes with a range of useful Skills Challenges to further enable golfers to improve their game.

The Perfect Hitting Bay

The SwingBay Hitting Enclosure is a special component because it was built by using valuable feedback from a lot of golf simulator users. So, you can imagine how well it is made. It has –

  • Black out walls that can enhance what you see in terms of projection
  • Framing system that is both durable and simple to construct
  • Military-grade screen designed to resist hundreds of powerful shots at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.
  • Dimensions made to enable projection to fill the whole screen
  • Errant shots are deflected by side netting.

Full Turf Covering

This bundle includes two 5′ x 10′ turf mats that will span the entire space between the screen and the mat.

You can create a premium and professional appearance for your simulation setup while shielding your flooring from bouncing balls.

Life Like Hitting Mat

For a true fairway-like feel, the SwingTurf Golf Mat is among the best golf mats in the industry.The manufacturer gives golfers the choice of  5′ x 5′ or 4′ x 9′ mat sizes.

Optoma EH460ST Projector

  • From 5.5 feet away, the Optoma EH460ST Projector provides vibrant and big 152-inch visuals.
  • Image brightness is ample and better compared to many options on the market.
  • Users enjoy high contrast to get more sense of depth
  • The projector is HDMI compatible
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p

Gaming Laptop

A powerful CPU and a high-quality graphics card are needed for hassle-free gaming laptop golf simulation software. The FlightScope X3 SwingBay Golf Simulator package includes a gaming laptop, which is pre-configured to function well without lagging or freezing.

Take a look at the information above to know what you can expect from purchasing the FlightScope X3 SwingBay Golf Simulator package.