Do you own space for your indoor golf practice? You can turn the room into a multi-sport facility to spend quality time with your friends and family. That too without giving up your personal golf practice space. Bring home the stunning Pro Series XL Large Golf & Multisport Net from the most trusted golf net brand in the world. This is the largest golf hitting net from The Net Return, giving you all the extra space that you need to sharpen your skills and honing your techniques.

Also, the size makes it ideal for any sport, including softball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, and many more. The unique design of the brand-new golf hitting net makes it an absolute favorite among pro golfers and amateurs alike. Check out our hands-on review to know more about this amazing product. 

Upgraded With Extra Space

The Net Return introduces its latest version of Pro Series Net with astounding features. The highlight of this product, however, is its huge size and compact design that can facilitate a range of indoor games, including golf.

Compared to its previous model The Net Return Pro Series V2, the XL series has an astounding width of 10’, and is 9’6” tall and 3’6” deep, which is almost 1’6” taller than the previous Net Return Pro Series V2 Large golf net. With so much extra space, you can swing hard both to the back front, practicing those high spin, high-speed shots to clear the greens. 

Efficient Design

The Net Return Pro Series XL Large Golf & Multisport Net comes with 11 additional aluminum tubes integrated into its frame design, making your practice arena a robust, ginormous one.

The frame, with the addition of the extra tubes, is also designed with a rectangular weighted base. This helps the hitting net ensure more stability and enhanced performance compared to all other golf hitting nets available on the market.

Enhance Performance

Keeping up with the enlarged structure and extra netting area of The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf & Multisport net, the product is designed to offer the highest possible strength and durability. The ballistic grade material and robust structure enable the net to withstand the most powerful of your shots, measuring up to 225 mph with extreme ease. To ensure the utmost safety, the Pro Series XL Large Golf & Multisport Net is designed with 

Two additional side barriers as well as sewn-in wings. Compared to standard nylon sleeves, the UV-treated black powder-coated 1.5” tubular aluminum frame and ballistic-grade polyester material ensure a robust structure, longer net life, and enhanced durability to guarantee the best performance you could ever imagine. 

Automatic Ball Return

The Net Return golf hitting nets are the only golf hitting enclosure and net series in the world that features automatic ball return. This unique technology gives the golf ball back to the player after every shot, making sure that you don’t have to bend down to pick up the ball every time you hit a shot or chase it around the room.