The Voice Caddie SL2 Active is one of the most well-liked laser rangefinders on the market. This gadget has dynamic undulation, a high-definition touch screen, route plan visualizations, and range metrics. The best optical clarity is presented to customers on a bright OLED screen. The SL2 performs well because of its strong CPU, stability, slope flexibility, and a variety of additional features.

Compared to the SL1 gadget, the Voice Caddie SL2 launch monitor is newer and just shows graphical demonstrations of whole courses and rounds. With this feature, users could be able to see the yardages, putting holes, fairways, and any obstructions. To facilitate utilizing the functions provided, the SL2 also incorporates a touch screen. If the time has come for you to purchase a new laser rangefinder, this model could be worth your consideration.

Listed below are a few of the device's key characteristics:

  • Specifications of the Real GPS and Laser Rangefinder Hybrid SL2 Rangefinder
  • With the exception of the green area, Pin Assist interprets all other GPS data as “0”.
  • The 11-step undulation makes the Green Undulation feature more logical and facilitates easier perception of the breaks. Moreover, you may change the pin’s placement.
  • Important details like the driver’s landing location and how to distinguish between dangers and traps are provided via course previews.
  • Slope integration is one element that might be included in Tournament Mode.
  • touchscreen with color LCD
  • Using the Smart Course View feature, which provides you with a deeper understanding of the course’s configuration, may help you manage the course more effectively.
  • Normal Mode is the permanent scan mode.
  • The pin-mode target capture’s vibration
  • remarkably transparent optical lens
  • To find the distance between an obstacle and the beginning and finish of the course, users may zoom in on it.
  • The Course Zoom view feature allows you to have a closer look at the region.
  • You may get the range reading between the pin and the specified location by using the user IP capabilities.
  • After it has been reloaded, the pin may be adjusted and reset to display the distances from the beginning.
  • Taking advantage of Green View’s state-of-the-art features might help you continue to be competitive while playing golf.
  • Finding the distance between you and the pin is made easy and precise with the help of this tool.
  • The Green Zoom function makes it simpler to move pins across greens by using the screen’s zoom capacity.
  • Using Green Attack data, players may assess the green, determine its extent, and pinpoint any locations that could be dangerous.
  • The optical magnification of the 6X Wide Angle Lens enables the gamer to quickly and efficiently knock down far-off targets. You may use your camera’s focus ring to change the viewfinder’s clarity.

Specifications of the Voice Caddie SL2 Rangefinder:

  • 7.8 ounces in weight
  • The device measures 1.7″ x 3.05″ x 4.28″
  • Year-long warranty
  • Six-times magnification scale with a one-yard error range from five to one thousand yards
  • Life of Li-polymer batteries at 3.7V

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