Any golf expert will tell you how important putting is for lowering the score in a game of golf. If you are seriously trying to improve your golf skills, then practicing good putting is absolutely essential, So check the top 3 indoor putting greens for your indoor golf system. To this end, you might want to hone your skills even when you don’t have the opportunity to visit a professional driving range or a golf course. This is where an indoor golf studio comes to your rescue. With the help of a good quality golf simulator, you can polish your putting skills at home, thus improving your assets before you go back to the range.

Although golf simulators may analyze your shots and give you realistic ball and club data to understand your game better, you would also require a good putting green to practice putting, sometimes chipping as well. Today, the market is overflown with numerous putting greens spanning a vast price range. While choosing the right item, you must be aware of the turf quality, size, wrinkle resistance, and its ability to pay break. Understandably, it might be overwhelming to research so many products and choose the perfect one. Therefore, to assist you with the search, we have put together a brief review of the top 3 indoor putting greens available today. 

Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Putting Green

If you want a more realistic item, you should go for FiberBuilt 10’x10’putting green. With a large surface area spanning 100 square feet with three-hole cutouts and metal cups, it gives you a more realistic experience. The soft feel underneath and true roll perfectly emulates real grass conditions. It is also water-resistant and very easy to use.

Tour Links 4′ x 12′ Premium Putting Green

If you are looking for both high performance and aesthetics together in one putting green, then Tour Links 4’x 12’ is the perfect item for you. This is the reason most golfers choose this putting green for office space. It is perfect for indoor use, although you can use it outdoors if you want.

The Tour Link putting green is built onto a small elevated platform with interlocking panels and consists of a thick 2” putting turf on its top layer. The design allows you to stand on top of the putting green without fearing about causing a bow or dip. The average rollout speed of the item is 11.5 on the USGA Stimpmeter, which is almost standard tournament speed. It includes special contour pads that let you practice unending series of break variations.

Big Moss Country Club V2 Putting Green

The Big Moss Country Club V2 is one of the best putting greens available today. It offers the best balance between performance and durability. The large surface area measuring up to 6’x 12’ provides ample space for practicing putting and chipping. Moreover, it comes with a separate pitching mat. The item contains four putting cups, hole reducers, a rear backstop, and a brake snake. The True Roll technology of the Country Club ensures the best rolls possible. It is perfect for any kind of indoor space.

With these premium indoor putting greens, practicing putting and chipping has become easier than ever. Choose the right item that suits your needs the best and improve your skills in the easiest way possible.