Trackman Golf Simulator Software offers to chip and putting using the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor. Watch as we put it to the test during this in-depth review using the Virtual Golf 2 golf simulator software paired with the Trackman 4. It is using its built-in camera for OERT, Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking. Because of this Trackman recommends you have the proper lighting in your hitting area for certain club data and impact location, etc.

Also in development is a large improvement in the Trackman firmware that is going to now allow the launch monitor to fit in a much smaller indoor space. The new Trackman 4 distance will be 7ft from the unit to the ball and 8.5ft minimum of ball flight. This is a very large improvement not only from previous Trackman models but the Trackman Golf Simulator 4. Also have also noticed a big improvement on putting where I can not make putts as short as 2ft in the Trackman virtual golf software.