As we move forward to the new year, golfers are waiting for another new golf season with new excitement and fun. At the same time, we are waiting for some new golf gadgets and technologies to hit the market soon. However, the one question that still remains a trivial one is “which golf simulator to choose?” Of course, with new brands being introduced every day, and the existing brands upgrading their products, the choice becomes even more difficult for golfers. But we have got you covered. Here in this blog, we bring you the best golf simulators perfect focusing on one of the most important aspects of the technology—portability. If you don’t live in a mansion, you’ll know the importance.

With a compact, lightweight golf simulator you can turn any space into an indoor golf studio. And you can carry it around anywhere you go, enjoying your favorite game any time you want. Our top pick in this regard is the TruGolf Vista series. A reputable and long-trusted name in the golf industry, TruGolf has brought us several lucrative products over the years. The Vista series golf simulators, more particularly, have been their best-selling gadgets since they were introduced. In 2022, these amazing devices are coming with new upgrades and features. But more importantly, Vista 8, Vista 10, and Vista 12 can give you the perfect portable golf experience that you can ever expect. Read on to learn more about these amazing golf simulators and their new features. 

TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator

TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator Review

Vista 8 is the perfect golf simulator for giving you the best durable, affordable, and portable golf experience. It offers a revolutionary tension system, a high-definition image quality, and a truly portable compact design that allows for easy, tool-free installation. Built with sturdy yet lightweight aluminum framing and commercial-grade polyester netting, Vista 8 makes transporting and taking down the structure super easy.  

Moreover, with the improved high-definition image and the new light canceling design, it ensures a brighter image and a richer golf simulation experience.  

TruGolf Vista 10

Vista 10 is an upgraded version of the Vista 8 golf simulator. Like the previous model, it also utilizes the TruTrack 2 tracking system to capture and analyze all your shots in real-time. Besides, it comes with the cutting-edge TruGolf Level 1 Computer (complete with Intel Core, 500 GB Solid State Drive, 8GB RAM, i3 3.9GHz, & NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics,) HD 720p projector, touch screen monitor, and high-quality fairway. 

Like Vista 8, Vista 10 is also built with the most compact design. And you can also adjust weather conditions, time of the day, wind speed, and course condition with its advanced features.  

TruGolf Vista 12

Vista 12 ensures the most authentic golf simulation experience with a perfect crease-free image on the wide, full-size impact screen. It features all the highlights of Vista 8 and Vista 10 and then some more. The display is made better with vivid colors, HD picture quality with Vista’s new ambient light blocking technology.  

All three Vista golf simulators come with pre-installed E6 Connect simulator software. So, get ready to play on the most popular golf courses anytime, anywhere you want.