Launch monitors are slowly becoming the future of golf, allowing people to play golf anywhere and anytime.

For those who wish to improve their game, launch monitors are a lucrative purchase.Launch monitors are not necessarily used indoors, they can be used outdoors for your golfing too.

With the data statistics and parameters, they provide, you can lead out of the ordinary and emerge as a true champion.

While there are many low-end launch monitors that offer basic features, sometimes one needs a launch monitor that can offer better and reliable features. This is where Uneekor QED and Uneekor EyeXO come in.

Uneekor QED and Uneekor EyeXO, two different models, were introduced by a Korean based company, quickly gaining popularity due to their efficient and convenient ease of use, particularly for home users.

At a reasonable price, it offers features that go beyond conventional competition, making it an ideal setup if you are looking at building a permanent fixture in your home dedicated to golfing.

What features do Uneekor QED and EyeXO provide?

Uneekor QED and Uneekor EyeXO launch monitors offer the following features:

  • Photometric technology
  • Ceiling mounted hi-speed camera performance
  • Competitive price offering a multitude of features
  • Ability to golf without any special balls (EyeXO only)
  • Accurate provides accurate club and ball data
  • OPTIX Technology that provides consistent results
  • Slow-motion videos of your shots
  • Undefeatable features and accuracy for the price range
  • Auto-detection for right-hand and left-hand golfers
  • Real-time measurement of data parameters
  • Seamless and easy installation
  • Compatible with popular golf simulation software such as TGC 2019

Uneekor QED and Uneekor EyeXO may be two different models but they both provide reliable and accurate results, competing with other high-end launch monitors. The only major difference in them is a few data parameters.

Whether you are a casual golfer looking for some fun with your loved ones or a professional golfer or coach aiming to improve their game, both of these launch monitors would provide a great experience.

Uneekor QED

What data points it measures?

Uneekor QED and Uneekor EyeXO can measure the following data points, with EyeXO further enhancing the data:

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Flight Time
  • Distance to Apex
  • Land Angle
  • Side Spin
  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Speed
  • Club Face Angle
  • Launch Angle
  • Club Face to Path

How well it works with Golf Simulation softwares?

Uneekor QED and Uneekor EyeXO work seamlessly with several popular golfing software including The Golf Club 2019, allowing access to over 100,000 unique courses while allowing users to create their own.

At the same time, it can be integrated with TrueGolf E6 Connect to allow a complete synchronization of its hardware and software for further gameplay and entertainment.

Final verdict

For their mid-end price, the Uneekor QED and Uneekor EyeXO both offer features that leap over the features offered by other launch monitors like SkyTrak, improving ignorantly while adding newer benefits.

While Uneekor QED can perform exceptionally for most users, users that wish to enjoy HD slow-motion recording and additional data parameters for enhanced gameplay can opt to buy the EyeXO model.

Happy Golfing!