If you are looking for a premium-quality golf simulator, you are probably aware that there is no other brand more suitable than Uneekor. The trusted golf simulator manufacturer is known for delivering innovative technology to golfers with the most stunning game analysis features. The brand offers two high-end golf launch monitors, namely Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO. Both launch monitors provide in-depth data analysis, accurate statistics, and are great choices for overall game improvement. Furthermore, both launch monitors are perfectly compatible with your indoor golf simulator. 

To help you set up the system, Uneekor offers two phenomenal golf simulator packages combining the launch monitors with Perfectbay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure and side nets. The packages also feature The Net Return Pro Turf. In this blog, we have brought you a comprehensive head-to-head comparison between the two simulator packages to help you choose between them. Read through the comparison and know what’s best for you.

Uneekor QED PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package

At the core of Uneekor QED Perfectbay, sits the brand’s stunning QED launch monitor. The lightning-fast overhead launch monitor is known for its instantaneous response and pinpoint accuracy, thanks to the cutting-edge dual high-speed camera technology of Uneekor. Besides, it leverages  the company’s patented Ball and Club OPTIX technology, which provides instant club path and ball swing replay. The launch monitor also features Swing Video analysis that captures, analyzes, and replays all your shots through the built-in camera of your PC.  

The simulator package is made complete with Perfectbay Golf Simulator screen enclosure and side nets, along with The Net Return Pro Turf. The Perfectbay enclosure helps users get the most authentic golf simulation experience. The extremely durable premium screen is perfectly optimized for a 4: 3/ 16:9 projection. Besides, it shades the screen on both sides as well as on the top to give you the brightest possible image.

Uneekor EYE XO Perfectbay Golf Simulator Package

Uneekpr EYE XO is the flagship launch monitor of the brand. It is the most precise, accurate, and responsive launch monitor from Uneekor. An upgrade from the QED, the EYE XO provides additional data points and a unique non-marked golf ball technology. You can play with real golf balls while using this launch monitor. Besides, it comes with an advanced VIEW software package, a photographic technology that includes EYE XO OPTIX and provides immaculate club impact & ball spin videos for each shot. The premium software also gives you access to swing motion analysis tools, 3D driving range levels, and club fitting data. It also supports third-party simulation software such as E6 Connect.  

The package is made complete with the Perfectbay simulator impact screen and side nets, as well as The Net Return Pro Turf. The heavy-duty commercial grade polyester screen ensures durability and guarantees the best-in-class simulation experience as it does with the QED launch monitor.  

Final Verdict

While both QED and EYE XO are great choices for your game improvement, you get more value for your money with Uneekor EYE XO. It offers a broader range of features and launch data. If you don’t mind the price difference, get yourself the Uneekor EYE XO Perfectbay golf simulator package today.