With each coming day, we see newer companies appearing in the golf industry, with each bringing a newer set of golf software and hardware that promises to enhance your gameplay. 

A game of golf could be a competitive and rewarding experience as well as a comfortable and enjoyable outing with friends and family, simply acting as a great way to vent out stress and live a better and more enriching life. 

So, when it’s time to choose the right brand for your golf needs, you need to make sure they have earned the trust of the customers that they are offering products and services.


Uneekor was established as an innovative tech company in 2015, striving to bring golfers the best indoor simulation experience possible with their QED golf simulators that utilize photo-metric technology. 

Unlike other launch monitors that only provide data analysis, Uneekor launch monitors provide photographic evidence of the club’s face interacts with the ball upon its impact, allowing better fine-tuning of one’s swings. 

Uneekor has chosen to revolutionize and innovate the indoor golf industry by readily improving their technology, choosing customer experience over their business interests, making them a fan favorite.

What Products Do Uneekor Offer?

The various products offered by Uneekor include,

What Other Benefits Do They Provide?

To Uneekor, the primary ambition is the fact that each golfer deserves an experience that they truly deserve in exchange for the grit, determination, and dedication they put in their golfing.

By using the power of accurate and reliable data statistics that are unrivaled for their price range, Uneekor launch monitors allow users to greatly enhance their game and skills.

Uneekor incorporates advanced hyper-speed cameras that can provide insanely accurate results to allow players to get the most out of their practice sessions by providing real-time footage of club and ball at impact.

Uneekor also promises unrivaled graphic quality coupled with a user-friendly interface with access to world-class golf courses at your fingertips with a multitude of modes to suit each player.


Since its establishment, Uneekor has been striving to provide a cutting-edge and innovative experience that would allow players to bring out their best both in their training and entertainment session,

With you are a professional golfer or coach aiming to improve their game, or a casual golfer looking for some entertainment with your loved one, Uneekor is a brand you can definitely trust.

So, if you are looking for a brand that provides an excellent value for its price with innovative and sleek designs, you should be bringing Uneekor devices to your home soon.