Golfers require a reliable launch monitor and simulator setup if they want to improve their technique and measure their growth. By using cutting-edge equipment that precisely assesses ball flight, spin rates, and launch angles, golfers may understand their stroke and adjust. Golfers can practice on virtual courses and simulate real-world gameplay scenarios utilizing simulation capabilities, making it a valuable teaching and recreational tool.

The launch monitor and simulator APOGEE from TruGolf is a powerful combination. Marked clubs or balls are not necessary thanks to Instant Impact, a phenomenal collection of vision algorithms employed in the Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator of TruGolf APOGEE. A latency-free gaming experience is provided by the built-in CPU of APOGEE and Instant Impact, which eliminates any lag between a ball strike and virtual movement. Users using APOGEE’S Point-of-Impact interface can review each shot carefully and numerous times. Owners have access to the most advanced and user-friendly device administration tools available via the APOGEE Control Center (ACC).

Primary features of TruGolf APOGEE

  • For each swing, APOGEE gathers a variety of data from the club and ball. Games frequently rely on precise, measurable statistics to determine ball flight.
  • APOGEE uses the brand-new Instant Impact image processing technology and a special ultra-high-speed stereoscopic camera configuration to gather shot data. The Instant Impact application measures data for the ball and club while accurately simulating on-screen frames without lag.
  • A shot’s club head velocity, ball velocity, side spin, back spin, club face angle, horizontal launch orientation, and club trajectory are all characteristics that APOGEE records data on when analyzing a shot.
  • Each shot style is recorded by APOGEE, which makes it more convenient for consumers.
  • APOGEE’S INSTANT IMPACT technology analyzes ball and club-related data without the requirement for clubs or balls. In situations of intense illumination, reflective dots may be required for accurate readings of the club face tilt.
  • APOGEE measures 38″ (W) x 5 12″ (H) x 8″ (D) and weighs around 22 pounds.
  • With APOGEE, you also get a 27-course license for E6 CONNECT and a one-year expanded subscription.
  • Although locations in direct sunlight necessitate the construction of drapes or a comparable device to manage illumination, APOGEE will perform in most lighting conditions to measure the reflection of infrared photons that bounce off the striking mat.
  • Installing APOGEE shouldn’t be a problem for most users. Get assistance from a professional if you are concerned that you won’t be able to install the gadget safely on your own.
  • You require 9 to 10 feet of height between the hitting surface and the launch monitor to use APOGEE.

What is included with TruGolf APOGEE?

  • APOGEE Launch Monitor
  • 50’ CAT6 Cable
  • Mounting Hardware & Screws
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Instruction Bundle
  • Calibration Template
  • E6 CONNECT 27-Course License + 1-Year Expanded Subscription
  • USB to CAT6 Network Adapter
  • 6’ Power Cable
  • Laser Level

The details provided above demonstrate what to anticipate from TruGolf’s APOGEE simulator and launch monitor.