The Garmin Approach R10 is one of the most disruptive products on the market. It is being preferred by thousands of golfers across the globe without burning a massive hole in their pockets. If you are in the market for a launch monitor, this is one worth considering.

But before you can think about buying the Garmin Approach R10, you need to make sure that there’s enough space. If you want to get some idea about the space requirements, read on to know. 

Space Requirements For The Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

The Garmin Approach R10 is a radar-based model that is quite suitable for indoor simulation use cases. To start with, this launch monitor needs a minimum of 15 feet of room length. So you have to use it in a room or hall that is at least of that length, and preferably more. This launch monitor also requires a width of about 10 feet. In addition, golfers also have to have enough height in their room to take swings comfortably. According to estimates, the height should also be around 10 feet. 

Roughly, you are good to go if you have room dimensions of 18 feet in length, 10 feet in height, and 15 feet in width. That should be more than enough for housing and using the Garmin Approach R10. If you have enough space on all sides, it will be completely possible to get a central point aim. This launch monitor is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and offers a high level of precision to users. 

Garmin R10 Indoor Room Length

The Garmin R10 Golf launch monitor can be placed in a room of 15 metres in length, and that is the minimum needed for the proper functioning of the setup. It will help you get a hassle-free simulation experience. One of the most important factors that affect the size of a room for launch monitors I’d the position of the projector. Other things to consider include the bounceback and the pattern of your swings. 

The 15 feet length needed by the Garmin R10 is divided into the distance between the swinging position and the launch monitor (6 to 8 feet), the distance between the screen and the swing position (usually more than 8 feet), and the 1 foot of space needed between the screen and the net. 

How The Room Length Affects Accuracy

Users have to learn a bit about how the Garmin R10 monitor works before getting it set up in their interior space. The purpose of having ample length, width and height is to give the monitor enough room to accurately monitor and measure ball movement

Indoor Room Width Requirement

Although the minimum requirement for width is 10 feet, you are better off having around 15 feet to swing away with confidence. It will help you prevent any kind of impact with a wall. 

These are the space requirements for Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor