Rangefinders are some of the most useful devices any golfer can have while on the green. These compact devices give you access to a vast pool of data for making better decisions. One of the leading golf rangefinder products on the market is the SkyCaddie SX400 Golf GPS Rangefinder. It is one of the devices that can truly make a difference in how you customize your performance on a course. 

The SkyCaddie SX400 Golf GPS Rangefinder has many of the highly sought-after features that are available on the SX550 rangefinder device, with the latter having a smaller form factor. However, the SkyCaddie SX400 comes with a fairly large 4″ touchscreen that makes observing HD visuals and analytics a dream for golfers. The device is powered by a multi-core processor that ensures speedy and reliable real-time monitoring and performance. 

Golfers can use the SX400 for obtaining precise yardage readings while enjoying high-definition graphics on the screen and advanced analytical data. This device offers a high level of water resistance and a sturdy design that can offer a high level of protection against impact and the elements. The SkyCaddie SX400 also possesses a high-capacity battery that offers users ample reliability for long durations. It makes use of the revolutionary satellite navigation technology to provide a high level of precision and consistency regardless of the weather conditions at any given time. 


Dynamic HoloVue – The SkyCaddie SX400 comes with powerful Dynamic HoloVue technology. This is backed by the revolutionary multi-core processor of the device. Dynamic HoloVue lets users achieve instant and automatic reorientation of a hole from where they are currently standing on the greens. This is especially convenient for users, in tandem with the IntelliGreen technology patented by SkyCaddie. 

A Highly Reliable And Vibrant Display – The SkyCaddie SX400 Golf GPS Rangefinder has a vibrant, high resolution 4″ touchscreen display that gives you a clear view of everything you need. This display can produce stunning graphics and works in even high sunlight conditions. The screen size is large enough to show numbers and yardage comfortably. The screen is your source for accessing various data points in a hassle-free manner, to help you make the best decisions for the next hole. 

Some Additional Features – 

  • Built-in 13 megapixel camera
  • Digital scorecard
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Wi-Fi support for downloading the latest course-related updates
  • Advanced stat tracking
  • Dual green support
  • Club distance and shot distance measurements

SkyCaddie SX400 Technical Specifications:

  • 4″ LCD display (touchscreen) with a 540p x 1080p resolution
  • Dimensions of 5″ x 2.4″ x 0.7″ 
  • Weight is about 200 grams or 6.6 ounces
  • English Language operation
  • Water-resistant design
  • Li-Polymer battery with up to 14 hours of usage

Take a look at the information provided above to get a clear understanding of what the SkyCaddie SX400 Golf GPS Rangefinder can give you. It is a powerful rangefinder that you can definitely look at if you want peak performance and reliability.