The Foresight Sports GC3 launch monitor is one of the most widely used options on the market and features the latest technology for simulation purposes. It is the successor of the GC2 monitor and ensures that golfers will have hassle-free practice experiences. While it is a great option to look at, one has to make sure that they have the right amount of space to accommodate it. 

The Foresight GC3 launch monitor requires might require a space that at least has dimensions of 10ft x 12ft x 9ft. However, the recommended dimensions are somewhere around 18ft x 16ft x 10ft, as that much space lets users get optimal functionality. This also ensures less bounce back and helps a user get a full-fledged golf simulation experience. So, take a look at some valuable information of GC3 space requirements for your golf simulation setup.

Required Room Height

The Foresight GC3 launch monitor can record ball flight without needing a particular height of a room. Many alternatives to the GC3 monitor require specific heights and distances, but Foresight’s offering is different.

As it is a camera-type simulator, the monitor can easily be placed before golfers. It also stays level with surfaces vertically. Most golfers who are opting for the GC3 launch monitor can do with about 9 feet of space in terms of room height. Of course, having 10 feet or more of space is better to have a more comfortable experience. 

Required Room Width

Foresight GC3 is a compact option and does not require a great deal of width in your interior space, to function with your golf simulator setup. To start with, you are good if you have about 2 feet of space to accommodate the monitor. When it comes to room width, it depends on how wide you take swings.

This varies between individuals and also depends on whether they require a central aim. Many golfers do place a lot of importance on having a central aim in order to get a more precise and hassle-free experience. So, it is a good idea to estimate how much space you need in your swings.

Required Room Length

The Foresight GC3 launch monitor can work in rooms of varying spaces and does not require any specific length. This monitor can capture the ball and club impact and ball motion through high-speed cameras. It does so by capturing the hitting area. In terms of the room length, it mainly depends on factors such as your swing and what you like in terms of configurations.

If you want to know about the specifics of space, a length of about 12ft is good enough. If it is less than that there might be a few issues with the performance of your swing. The 12ft length also allows you to have a little more space for containing impacts through an impact screen. Golfers who have 14ft or more of room length will find it very easy to use it. 

These are the GC3 Space Requirements for your indoor golf simulation setup!