If you’re a fan of the sport, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t a lot of places to hit a ball around the house. While golf isn’t always practical, a good golf mat is. If you don’t have access to a course or time to hit the range, a mat is the next best thing. They allow you to work on your swing virtually anywhere, and they don’t require as much space as a putting green or driving range would. You can practice your short game, chip, and putt anywhere with a little bit of room, a golf mat, and a bag or two of balls. One of the best brands for golf mats right now is Fiberbuilt, as made evident by thousands of golfers around the world. Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor 4′ x 7′ Studio Single-Sided Golf Mat is one of their best products and worthy of consideration.

By opting for the Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor 4′ x 7′ Studio Single-Sided Golf Mat, you can simply build your personal residential golf layout. Fiberbuilt’s Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat makes it possible to vastly improve your game by maximizing your efficiency during practice whilst keeping the footprint low.

The Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Golf Mat combines a single stance mat with a 1-foot hitting portion that has four holes, as well as, a two feet spacer panel for complementing your ball tray and monitor. In addition, the middle strip’s high-performance Fiberbuilt Nylon Grass Material delivers the most genuine feel and softness of actual grass. Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat is extremely simple to construct and install. Fiberbuilt Grass Mats are widely considered to be some of the best available options now owing to their features and proven performance.

Product Details

  • A Fiberbuilt grass section (nylon)
  • A Performance Turf mat (spacer) 
  • A Performance Turf mat (stance)
  • Modular rubber foundation (with fasteners)

Key Features of Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio 4’x7′ Single-Sided Golf Mat

  • 7′ x 4′ ( consisting of a 4′ x 4′ Performance Turf stance mat, a 1′ x 4′ authentic Fiberbuilt Grass section, and a 2′ x 4′ spacer mat) 
  • Easy assembly without additional tools
  • A hitting section with four holes
  • Complements launch monitors such as SkyTrak, Ernest Sports, and Foresight

Additional Product Details

  • Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Single-Sided Golf Mat is insured by a 300 thousand shot promise or a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty on the rubber bases. 
  • Stance Mats come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The Fiberbuilt 4′ x 7′ Single-Sided Studio Mat is ideal for your at-home simulator setup, or for striking into any golfing net. It can be a good fit for any kind of custom home golf practice and simulation layout. Fiberbuilt golf mats are high-quality options that allow you to hit while maintaining your ball flight stats, to the point that there is very little difference from actual fairway grass.

Check out all the features and details of Fiberbuilt 4′ x 7′ Single-Sided Studio Mat above.