Golf simulation enthusiasts around the world want optimal practice session experiences. This requires them to have more than the right simulator software and putting mat. If you are interested in getting great golfing sessions across some of the best courses in the world, you need the right simulator screen and enclosure. 

A screen and simulator are useful for ensuring a safe indoor golfing experience for amateurs as well as professionals. Quality products are capable of safely containing balls, reducing bounce back, and offering a high level of durability. Golf simulators should not be used indoors or outdoors without having the right screen and enclosure. So what are the best golf simulator screens and enclosures in 2021? Read on to discover. 

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure is one of the best options for golfers today. Manufactured by Rain or Shine Golf, this product has been designed to meet the precise needs of simulation users. 

The Swingboy screen and enclosure setup is a premium option but it is widely preferred for what it has to offer. This product has a sleek appearance, is well designed, and is quite effortless to set up. SwingBay’s setup is used with many of the most popular golf simulator packages available today. 

Some of the features of the SwingBay Golf Simulator screen and enclosure including a projector screen, a sturdy framing system, and screen walls. It is one of the best choices for golf simulation and ensures peak performance. 

HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure

The HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure from HomeCourse is another top option for golfing enthusiasts who enjoy playing indoors. This screen and enclosure setup can be assembled in any living space, garage, or basement. It is a great option for taking full golf swings and improving their game. 

The HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure is suitable for use as an indoor range, or it can be paired with SkyTrak and other widely used golf simulators. To add to the convenience of users, the setup comes with a single button mechanism for enclosure retraction. 

SimBay Golf Simulator Enclosure

SkyTrak SimBay Golf Simulator Package

SimBay Golf Simulator Enclosure is another screen and enclosure setup, offered by the Top Shelf Golf stable. It is a popular option for golfers across experience levels and looks similar to SIG12 and SwingBay offerings. However, it is more cost-friendly compared to other options and suitable for users on a budget. 

The SimBay Golf Simulator Enclosure is most well suited for indoor use. It is an all-inclusive package that can be set up quite easily. The enclosure offers a single-piece layout, giving users added security as shots are less likely to damage nets and harm your property. Ample clearance from the border also cuts down the chance of ball rebounds. 

These are some of the best screen and enclosure setups available for golfers in 2021. They offer reliable performance so you can work on improving your game from the comfort of your home.