Launch monitors are popular devices relied upon by millions of golfers across all levels of experience. In today’s world, it is hard to imagine effective golf practice without having the right one at home, or at the course. A capable launch monitor helps users get comprehensive information about different aspects of their swings and putts. Trying out new club fits also becomes a breeze in most cases. Right now, there are a lot of high-quality and feature-rich launch monitor options to choose from. The ESB1 from Ernest Sports is certainly one you should look at. Read on to discover more about it. 

  • The six parameters measured by the ESB1 launch monitor are distance, club speed, spin rate, smash factor, ball speed, and launch angle. 
  • Understanding shot data is critical for enhancing your game and decreasing your scores, and this device will undoubtedly assist you.
  • The ESB1 uses cutting-edge doppler radar technology to decipher the shot information. It can meet all of your requirements.
  • The ESB1 also enables golfers to improve their knowledge of carrying lengths, which helps to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Main Features of the ESB1 Launch Monitor

  • Li-ion battery (rechargable)
  • Tour averages comparison (PGA and LPGA)
  • Data provided includes launch angle, spin rate, club speed, ball speed, distance and
    smash factor
  • US-made product
  • Works independently or in conjunction with the complementary iOS ESB1 app
  • Upgrades can be downloaded online
  • Charging wire in the package

Technical Specifications

  • 0.85 kg in weight
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 33cm x 16cm x 8 cm
  • Appropriate for both left and right-handed use
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Batteries are provided
  • The launch monitor is simple to set up
  • Ernest Sports is a trademark held by Ernest Sports Inc
  • The item number is ESB1

Around 1.20 meters away from the ball, the ESB1 launch monitor is kept at ground level. After assembling the monitor there are no other steps before a golfer can start practicing. All they need is to pick out a suitable club, and take swings. The radar of the ESB1 monitor instantly gets into action. It measures precise data through real-time shot analysis. The application gives users access to the same data at their fingertips. 

Rely on the App for the Best Results

Golfing legends praised the ESB1 software’s extensive feature set, simple use, and comparison capability while it was being utilised at the PGA Show. You may compare various club types, balls, and shafts using the app. The Ernest Sports App, which has won several awards, is compatible with the ESB1. It provides users with a thorough breakdown of shot statistics as well as a bird’s eye perspective of the course they are on.

Although there are various charts that show ball flight, this monitor allows the user to select their distance from a pin on the course and see their ball travel instantaneously. To get a decent indication of how they performed throughout a session, they may look at club averages, dispersion and form for each shot.


You will have a good understanding of what you can obtain from the Ernest Sports ESB1 after reading the information provided above.