Do you need a golf net to safeguard your children and pets while you practice your swing?

Your issue could be resolved with the Pro Series V2 Large Golf Net by Net Return. It is the only available netting option that can automatically raise the ball to a player’s feet. The updated version of the original Pro Series Net is called the V2. It is a dependable choice that is simple to use and will last for many years.

The Large versions, which are a part of the most recent Pro Series collection, are 6 inches wider and 8 feet, 9 feet, or 10 feet taller than the typical Pro Series V2 net. To suit players of various heights and girths, the Large Pro Series Nets are available in three distinct sizes.

The large Pro Series V2 versions come in sizes that are 8 and 10 feet wide, respectively.

Key Features of the Pro Series V2 Large by Net Return

  • The Pro Series V2 Large’s construction makes use of more mesh, which gives players far more durability and toughness. This property enables it to sustain stress for an extended period of time and readily resist speeds of up to 225 mph.
  • The Pro Series V2 Large has two practical side wing barriers that help to ensure that all failed shots remain in the striking area. The velcro closures that come with the flaps make it really simple to put them up.
  • A black sleeve that covers the V2 Large netting’s netting provides excellent protection against sunlight. It is an improvement over the nylon liner found in the Pro Series Net of the company. The product’s reduced weight is also a result of the polyester.
  • The New Pro Series Large netting has a more modern look due to its black, powder-coated structure.

If the Pro Series Net is to be used inside or in any environment where stray balls might endanger players, side barriers are necessary. If you want to protect the people you care about, you must have them.

Internet applications for various sports

Golf and several other sports benefit greatly from the Pro Series V2 Large net. The net may be used for baseball, soccer, softball, and even lacrosse practice by users.

Customers that purchase the V2 Large Net get a quick response, exceptional levels of efficiency, and the highest levels of lifespan and dependability. The Pro Series Nets from Net Return are skillfully crafted, rigorously tested, and have been shown to have great longevity.


If the balls are maintained within the striking area, the barriers of the Pro Series V2 Net may provide high levels of protection. These are practical since they are portable and take up minimal room.

You may have a good sense of what to anticipate from the Pro Series V2 Net if you’ve read this far. You may rely on these netting alternatives to help you with your training exercises, which will ultimately help you enhance your skills further.