Voice Caddie Golf Laser & GPS Rangefinders are durable and stylish gadgets for contemporary golfers who need accurate rangefinding. These highly modern technologies are designed to provide superior quality and durability.

Voice Caddie devices provide a variety of distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from competitors on the market. Among these features are shock-resistant and weather-resistant structures, Auto Slope Technology, 6X magnification, and Pin Assist Mode. Voice Caddie Golf Laser/GPS Rangefinders may assist you in achieving major performance improvements on the greens.

Voice Caddie G1 Golf GPS Watch

Voice Caddie G1 Golf GPS watch with Green Undulation & Slope has customizable pin position, colour touch screen, green undulation, and slope functionality. Users of the Voice Caddie G1 may get front, back, and centre yardages, manually pick the pin location and retrieve yardages for bunkers and hazards.

Voice Caddie G1 Golf GPS Watch Features

  • Color Touch Screen – Reflective LCD display with Night Mode for clear day and nighttime viewing
  • Automatic Slope: Automatically performs calculation of required slope data to the middle of the green
  • Quick GPS: Utilizes GPS to rapidly pinpoint your position and provide correct distances to greens.
  • Users may press the pin’s position to move it to a different spot.
  • Distance Guide for Automatic Hole Recognition (Front/Center/Rear).
  • Automated Scoresheet with Intelligent Scoring
  • Waterproof: The design is waterproof to guard against inclement weather
  • Bluetooth Compliance
  • Course Layout View (based on availability)
  • Data on Green Undulations (based on availability)

Voice Caddie SL2 Active GPS/Laser Rangefinder for Golf

The SL2 Active by Voice Caddie is a state-of-the-art laser rangefinder with features based on some of the most advanced technologies currently available. It has dynamic green undulation, an HD screen with a high resolution, exact distance statistics, and layout images.

True Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder Capabilities

Tournament Setting GPS with Slope Integration Pin Assist: Using GPS coordinates, this function detects any other data as “0” outside of the green region.

Color Touch LCD Display

  • Green Undulation: The 11-step undulation now makes green pictures seem more natural and makes it simpler for users to identify break points. The placement of the pin may also be altered.
  • Smart Course View: Provides a greater grasp of course structure, hence facilitating enhanced course management.
  • Provides vital information to golfers, such as driver the landing area and distances to hazards on the greens.

Voice Caddie SL1 Active GPS/Laser Rangefinder for Golf

The Voice Caddie SL1 Active Golf Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder With Green Undulation is loaded with cutting-edge features and technology. It utilises location data to eliminate distractions, allowing players to concentrate more intently on their aim. 

Voice Caddie SL1 Rangefinder Features

  • GPS Pin Assist Mode: This rangefinder uses GPS to exclude objects beyond the green line, such as sand traps and trees. It assists golfers in hitting the desired objective.
  • The Voice Caddie SL1 Golf Rangefinder is configured with more than 40,000 golf courses from across the globe.
  • 6X Magnification Optical Lens The 6X Magnification Optical Lens improves sight and clarity by 20%.

Compare the characteristics of the three Golf Caddie rangefinders listed above to choose which one best suits your requirements.