Blue Tees is a well-known company that produces some of the best laser rangefinder products available today. Golfers from all across the globe use S2 Pro and S3 Max. Compare and contrast the qualities listed below to choose which best fits your needs.

S3 Max Golf Laser Rangefinder

A terrific tool for every golfer, the S3 Max Golf has cutting-edge technology, creative design, high-quality components, and a sturdy, weather-resistant structure. 

For a fraction of the price of comparable systems, you can get magnetic strips, high-definition (HD) displays, active slope switch innovation, auto-ambient breakthroughs, flag locks, and pulse vibration. 

  • Slope: The cutting-edge Slope development makes choosing the ideal club easier. The slope and tilt of the True Distance are used to determine the Distance variable.
  • Water resistance: The S3 Max sends out a few vibrating impulses just before firing so that you know it has locked onto your target.
  • Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration: The S3 Max sends out a brief burst of buzzing impulses to signal that it has locked onto your target before firing.
  • 900-Yard Range: You may be able to outperform rivals on the Tour by using the rangefinder to calculate distances with laser accuracy.
  • Accuracy: Users can measure objects up to 900 yards afar with a precision of +/- 1 yard.
  • Warranty: Any manufacturing defects are covered by the two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

S2 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Blue Tees S2 Pro Slope makes use of the latest slope technology. Users may quickly change their measurements and select the right club. It combines mobility, innovative technology, and precise measurements. Golfers of all skill levels may gain from utilizing these cutting-edge rangefinders. It can be just what you need to hone your skills even further.

  • Slope: Using the latest Slope technology makes it simpler to choose the perfect pair of clubs.
  • Distance: The rise and slope of the true distance are used to calculate the range variable.
  • 800-Yard Range: By enabling you to determine distance with laser accuracy, the rangefinder provides you with a competitive edge. With +/- 1 yard accuracy, you can measure things that are up to 800 yards away.
  • HD Display: The HD experience may be tailored to the user’s tastes with the use of the EZ Optic Focus, providing visitors with a better perspective of the course.
  • Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration: The Series 2 rangefinder will vibrate briefly to let you know when it has locked onto your target, assisting you in getting ready for shooting.
  • Water Resistance: Because of the great level of water resistance of this rangefinder, you may play with assurance even when it’s raining.
  • Warranty: Any problems are covered by the two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Compare the two Blue Tees golf simulators’ characteristics to choose which one best meets your needs.