If you are in the market for a brand new launch monitor, there are a lot of options out there. But, one of the best ones comes from the house of FlightScope. Golfers may enhance their performance by using the company’s Mevo Golf Launch Monitor. It is a Doppler radar technology-based product that can be utilised both outdoors and in indoor spaces. The Mevo give you instant access to important data variables such as smash factor, flight time, club speed, apex height, vertical launch angle, ball speed, and carry distance. Its powerful features facilitate hassle-free tracking of performance metrics. Golfers can also evaluate every aspect of their work on the greens, and choose to share their sessions with others. Data overlays give players in-depth insight into how well they take swings and putts. The power of video and advanced metrics make this monitor a top option for golfers across experience levels.

Key Features

  • To automatically capture, trim, and store videos with data overlay, use the Mevo app on your smart device and get hassle-free practice.

  • Set your distances by calibrating the Mevo, which offers real-time performance stats to assist you in practice. It lets you configure settings to work on improving your game with each club variant.

  • Golfers can easily monitor their improvements over designated periods of time with the Mevo. By tapping into the library of recorded and stored videos, one can easily observe their past practice sessions, and make the necessary changes in future ones.

  • When used in conjunction with a FlightScope Mevo launch monitor, the free applications from FlightScope allow you to boost your practice experience. The software offers real-time data during your sessions and enables you to automatically record video on your smart devices.

How to get the best user experience and accuracy

  • The following statistics are provided: Carry distance, smash factor, club head speed, spin rate, ball speed, vertical launch angle, flight duration, and apex height
  • Golfers also get access to ball spin related data with The Mevo Portable, which showcases precise backspin. Ball flight data is not simulated by the launch monitor
  • Unlimited clubs are available.
  • Manual input of the club loft data is solely permitted for the sake of comparison.
  • Mevo is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The minimum distance needed indoors is 8 feet for ball flight and 4 to 7 feet for contact. You will require a minimum of 15 feet in total.
  • The Mevo must be positioned 4 to 7 feet behind the ground-based golf ball. Six feet behind the tee is where you should set up. Drivers at 7 feet and wedges at 4 feet have produced the best outcomes, particularly when used at faster club speeds. Keep all items and persons away from the space between Mevo and the tee. The launch point and Mevo must be level.
  • Shots that are incredibly low, broad, or travel behind the player may not be seen. Also keep in mind that fluorescent lighting, metal, heavy machinery and common moving/rotating items can negatively impact on Mevo’s effectiveness.

The Mevo Golf Launch Monitor by FlightScope is one of the best options available currently on the market for golfers. Explore its features and details given above to get a clear idea of just what to expect from it.