Putting greens are great options for homes and offices where many individuals prefer to practice their putting skills. It is one of the most important golf accessory types for your golf setup and can be crucial to your development as a golfer. Big Moss offers to put green options that are PGA-approved and equipped with revolutionary technology. These let users enjoy their putting and chipping practice with ease, and are relied upon by golfers across all experience levels.

Big Moss Country Club Putting Greens are available in 6’ x 10’ and 6’ x 12’ options. They offer state-of-the-art True Tour Roll technology for producing life-like chipping and putting results. These greens are made of multiple layers and come with triple stitching. They are quite long-lasting and do not need much effort for maintenance. Using any of these two Big Moss putting greens lets golfers hone their skills, and can prepare for competition on the greens.

The Big Moss Country Club Putting Green products are suitable for chipping, putting, and pitching practice. Due to the cutting-edge design, there are natural breaks applicable for cross-grain putting. Country Club Putting Greens 6’ x 10’ and 6’ x 12’ variants. They come with reduced center holes with 3 inches of depth to enhance the precision of practice sessions. You can easily use these putting greens on your yard, patio, or basement.

What The Big Moss Country Club Putting Green Products Come With

  • Chipping Mat 
  • Safety Flagstick 
  • Break Space  
  • User Manual  
  • Backstop (with Velcro) 
  • Flight Chipping Balls (Limited) 

What To Expect From The Latest Versions

  • With the latest wrinkle-free rubber-reinforced surface, golfers get freedom from bubbling or bunching. The relatively thick pad now rests flat on carpets as well 
  • Use the updated detachable base with higher density to practice dead flat putts 
  • Newly designed improved chipping mat 
  • Regulation-sized cups now have new sleeves and flag bases 
  • The newly added stadium backstop design helps to keep balls on the ground  
  • With the new break pads, you may explore loads of different terrain variations

Big Moss Country Club Putting Green Features:

  • Short game feedback that is realistic 
  • High-grade built  
  • Practice around the year 
  • Hassle-free and fast mat setup  
  • Easily transportable mat 
  • True Roll technology with 11 stimp meter speed  
  • Easy contour creation with Break Snakes

Bith the Big Moss Country Club sizes of 6′ x 10′ and 6′ x 12′ both have 4 cups. These two mats also have two break pads capable of simulating a multitude of putting variations. This is possible on the same Country Club Putting Green.

Golfers can easily hone their putting skills in varied slope settings, and take advantage of the breaks to enhance their accuracy of putting. Big Moss putting greens are considered to be the next best things to real grass and are quite affordable. They offer all you need to start practicing when at home or at the office.

Check out the information shared above to get a clearer idea about the Big Moss Country Club Putting Greens.