Electric golf scooters are becoming an increasingly popular option for golfers today. They offer a variety of benefits over traditional gas-powered golf carts, including improved safety, lower maintenance costs, and reduced emissions. Electric carts or scooters also have the potential to significantly improve the golf experience. They are quieter than gas powered options, which allows golfers to better appreciate the sounds of the course and improve their experience. Most golfers also prefer the convenience of having a cart or scooter instead of walking around a course. The Fat Tire “Cruiser 3.0” Electric Golf Scooter is currently among the best electric golf scooters on the market. Take an in-depth look at it below.

The Fat Tire “Cruiser 3.0” Electric Golf Scooter is one of the easiest scooters to ride and widely popular among golfers now. It is known to be quite turf-friendly and lightweight in nature. Using this scooter on the course ensures that there will be a lot less damage. The Fat Tire “Cruiser 3.0” Electric Golf Scooter is equipped with a highly convenient kick stand featuring flat and wide plates to ensure ample protection for the greens on any course. It also helps to keep the vehicle stable when stationary.

The battery of the “Cruiser 3.0” is Lithium-Ion and uses the “Quick-swap.”technology for providing added convenience. Each of its 20 Ah 72 volt cells require up to 8 hours of time to charge up fully. Each 72 volt 20 Ah Lithium-Ion battery takes around 6-8 hours to completely charge. Based on the rider’s bodyweight and course topography, “Cruiser 3.0” can take up to 18 holes to complete. It is a wise decision to switch the battery between different rounds for top performance since the “quick-swap” function makes it possible without the golfer having to use additional equipment.

The Fat Tire Golf Scooter is meant to be operated in damp settings. But, the manufacturer suggests avoiding obstacles and being extremely cautious in the rain. It is the only golf scooter on the market with the battery and electronics housed beneath the seat rather than in the floorboard. This provides far more weather protection and keeps maintenance costs low. 

Fat Tire "Cruiser 3.0" Includes

  • Divot repair sand bottle
  • Heavy Duty Golf Bag Holder
  • Tee holder
  • Drink holder
  • Battery voltage display
  • LED headlight
  • Scorecard and pencil holder
  • Cooler
  • Removable battery pack (quick swap)
  • Standard 110v charger

Features Of The "Cruiser 3.0"

  • A robust 3000 watt waterproof motor for easy terrain climbing
  • “Quick-Swap” 20ah battery made of lithium-ion for 18+ holes
  • Low-profile radical tyres are mounted on 13″ chrome wheels.
  • To preserve the grass and facilitate steady parking, the centre stand has wide bottom plates.
  • Suspension in both the front and rear for a smoother feel
  • For maximum padding, there’s a hefty, well-cushioned seat.
  • Aluminum bag holder with a heavy-duty design that can accommodate some of the biggest tour bags.
  • Scorecard, pencil, tees, small objects, balls, and a drink are stored on the handlebar-mounted platform.
  • Parts are covered for one year.

Take a look at the details of the “Cruiser 3.0” Electric Golf Scooter by Fat Tire above. It can be the best solution for your transportation needs on the course.