Are you looking for the best golf simulation package If you are looking for the best golf simulation package, there are a few important factors to consider. These include the features and components being offered, the cost of the package, the realism of the golf simulator experience, and how well it is supported. While there are a lot of great options available now, if you are looking for something premium but at a fairly reasonable price point, the Vista 12 PRO by TruGolf is your best bet. 

Only the TruGolf Vista 12 PRO comes with an HD 1080p projector and an expanded 2-year subscription to E6 Connect, which gives you access to many more courses beyond the 27 included in the basic subscription ($600/year to renew your extensive subscription after the initial two years). The PRO version comes with extras like a BlueTooth speaker and a side net. The lightweight aluminum frame allows for unprecedented portability, as it can be assembled and disassembled in minutes with no special equipment.

Measures multiple important statistics to enhance performance

The TruGolf system gives you detailed information about your swing, including how the club is moving and where it is hitting the ball, as well as your launch angle and club head speed. Because of the precision of its measurement technology, TruGolf provides a realistic simulation of the ball’s flight, impact, roll, and interaction with the course. The user can customize the golf simulation experience by changing the time of day, weather, and course settings.

Durable material and functional design

The impact screen of the Vista 12 and Vista 12 PRO golf simulators is held firmly in place by a revolutionary new tension system, ensuring a clear, crisp image. The material used to make the impact screen is entirely polyester. The Vista Series can rival the image quality of more expensive golf simulators thanks to a matte-box design that keeps out ambient light.

Trugolf Vista 12 Pro - Key Details

Size and space specs



  • 12’W x 14,9’D x 8.8’H

Minimum requirement for floor area:

  • 15’W x 20’D x 10’H

Viewing angle:

  • 16:10 aspect ratio; 165″ diagonal
  • Long-Lasting Short-Throw Laser Projector with Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • Handcrafted Projector Cabinet Included
  • Bundled with an Expanded E6 Connect Subscription of Two Years

Tracking – TruTrack2 technology

Computer – TruGolf (Level 2)

Computer specs –

  • 500 GB SSD
  • 8GB RAM
  • Comes with installed E6 CONNECT 
  • 3.5 Ghz Intel Core processor (i5) 
  • 21″ Touch Screen Monitor

Other contents

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year TruGolf Warranty
  • Premium Fairway Turf
  • Portable speaker
  • Fabric side netting

Equipped with TruTrack2 technology

The Vista 12 PRO comes with highly-advanced TruTrack2 Technology records vital information in real-time at the instant of impact. The TruTrack2 system has been developed on patented technology and uses multiple optical sensors to calculate parameters like club face angle and club path on making contact. Swing Analysis provides rapid feedback after each shot with detailed stats that are easy to interpret.

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