Fat Tire’s Cruiser 3.0 is one of the greatest electric golf scooters currently available. It provides every amenity required by golfers of all skill levels. There are several advantages to selecting it. Firstly, the Cruiser 3.0 Electric Golf Scooter is quite easy to ride, and you can quickly navigate a golf course with it. In addition, this scooter has a lightweight design and is fairly soft on any surface.

A Feature-Rich Scooter Option for Golfers

The Cruiser 3.0’s Lithium-Ion quick-swap battery is an outstanding feature. Each lithium-ion battery rated at 72 volts and 20 ampere-hours needs around 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. Based on the weight of the user and the terrain of the course, this scooter may easily be utilized for 18 or more holes. Due to the quick-swap capability, it is advised that the battery be replaced between rounds for optimal performance. It can be achieved in a matter of seconds.

 It is superior to the majority of standard golf carts available on the market. The easy kickstand attachment and large plates on the Cruiser 3.0 scooter can easily provide a high degree of grass protection. It provides a very high degree of parking stability.

Even though the Fat Tire Golf Scooter is designed for usage in wet weather, it is prudent to avoid rainy conditions and obstacles on the greens. Under the scooter’s seats are electrical components and batteries that are manufactured by Fat Tire. Typically, they are located inside the floorboard part of other scooters. Fat Tire’s golf scooters are designed for single riders and can support up to 300 lbs. Because the electrical components of the Fat Tire versions are located under the seat, they are well protected from the elements.

Cruiser 3.0 Package Contents

  • Sturdy golf bag holder
  • A chiller
  • Presented the battery voltage
  • Sand bottles are used to fill divots.
  • A drink holder
  • LED headlight
  • A pencil and scorecard holder
  • Golf tee holder
  • 110-volt standard outlet charger

Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 Key Features

  • A motor with a capacity of 3000 watts is provided, along with a watertight casing for enhanced hill climbing performance.
  • A lithium-ion rapid-change battery has 20 ah and 18 or more holes.
  • 13-inch wheels with minimal design and extra-wide radial tires
  • Large bottom plates on the central stand protect the grass and aid in solid placement.
  • The handlebar-mounted deck has a scorecard, beverages, shirts, pens, and several more items.
  • Thanks to the front and rear suspension, a smooth ride is guaranteed.
  • Large and plush seats for added convenience
  • A sturdy metal bag holder capable of accommodating extremely large tour luggage
  • Limited warranty on parts for one-year

Details of the Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0

  • Wheel Base: 54″
  • Weight: 190 pounds
  • 78 inches in length and 46 inches in height
  • A bag measuring 90″ in length and 46″ in height
  • The maximum load capacity is 300 pounds
  • 3000-watt engine
  • Quick-Swap lithium-ion battery with a six- to eight-hour charge time
  • Nineteen or more holes (can vary based on rider weight or terrain)
  • Maximum velocity is 15 mph

The facts shown above may provide a good understanding of what Fat Tire Cruiser 3.0 provides golfers.