With the high level of competition on the greens now, a golfer’s swing analyzer is one of the most helpful tools available. These may help you become a better golfer by detailing the precise steps you need to take to hone your game. The Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer is a revolutionary new approach to improving your golf swing, short game, and putting.

By relying on some highly helpful state-of-the-art features, as well as receiving immediate feedback on their performance, Blast Motion Golf users are able to enhance their overall abilities and learn how to begin practicing more effectively. The analyzer is a must-have for golf swing instructors and self-study enthusiasts alike. Thanks to the intuitive sensor, golf coaches may simplify the process of teaching their players new techniques.

You may track your progress, record and analyze your swing and putting/chipping, and improve both with the aid of the Blast Motion Golf Mobile App.

Key Features of the Product

  • The Blast sensor may be added to the grip of almost any standard putter, driver, iron, or wedge in a matter of seconds.
  • Smart Video CaptureTM will automatically trim the video to key moments that correspond to your KPIs.
  • Metrics may be sent to your iOS, Android, or iOS-compatible tablet or smartphone through Low Energy Bluetooth from the sensor.
  • Statistics about your swing and stroke may help you analyze and improve your timing, face rotation, speed, and other skills.
  • Instructional videos inside the program itself include practice problems, in-depth explanations, and pointers for moving on.
  • You may monitor your stats and look for patterns with the help of the proprietary app.
  • When your cell phone is out of range or offline, the sensor captures activities.
  • Your measurements and movies may be shared immediately on social media, Twitter, and email without you having to leave the mobile app.

Detailed Description of the Item:

  • Exercises with Backing: Stroke Patterns for Full Swing and Putting
  • The supported clubs are drivers, putters, irons, and wedges.
  • The Smart Video Capture function for Android and iOS devices is activated.
  • Adaptive Slow-mo Technology is a function available on iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Automatic movie selection for Apple and Google devices
  • Smart Notifications (Voice Announcements) for iOS and Android now include Performance Metric overlays.
  • Compatible with Apple and Google’s mobile platforms through Bluetooth 4.0 (Low power)

You may record your stats and share your best shots with friends and followers on iOS and Android. Time spent on the backstroke, on the front stroke, on the overall stroke, as well as the lie, and loft angles.

Included in the Full Metrics Captured (Android/iOS) are the following: backswing, downswing, blast factor, total swing, swing speed, velocity direction, swing tempo, power index, efficiency index, and energy transfer.

The attachment points are the driver grip and the top of the putter.

Contents of the package -

  • Sensor weight of 0.3 ounces
  • Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer (sensor)
  • Big, transparent grip attachment with black regular connector and charging cord
  • There’s also a free smartphone app available.

You can learn all there is to know about the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer by reading the information provided above.