The Callaway Traverse Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Push Cart is one of the best golf cart options for golfers today. It helps you get complete freedom from the need of having to carry heavy equipment bags on the course. A cart is a lightweight option that takes away from tiredness so players can perform better on the greens. The Callaway Traverse comes with a sealed high-torque motor, featuring variable speed options, and remote control for 3 different programmed speeds.

The Traverse Caddy can operate on a Lithium-ion battery that offers reliable performance for up to 27 holes. Users can easily fold up the Callaway Traverse Caddy and carry it from place to place without any hassle. Due to its compact size, it is also easy to store. Users can modify the cart across a wide variety of heights and based on their body types. With the single click of a button, the remote control of this caddy helps users to alter movement direction and pace.

Features of Callaway Traverse Golf Cart

  • With the choice of a predetermined distance, the remote control may direct the caddy left or right, forward or backward, and make it halt.
  • Foldable design for effortless storage and transport
  • Elastic-type bag straps and an adjustable handle
  • Cart powered by a strong Lithium-Ion battery for as many as 27 holes.
  • Twin motor design with high torque
  • Dimensions of the packaging box: 32.25″ x 27.5″ x 16.25″
  • Aluminium frame contraction
  • The gearbox and motor housing are sealed for smooth and quiet operation

Key Details

  • Range of Battery: 27 Holes
  • 75 yards for remote range
  • 3 pre-programmed speeds with variable speed control 
  • 38 lbs cart weight (without battery)
  • Weight of Battery: 4.82 lbs
  • 3-6 hours to fully charge the battery
  • Battery – 800 charges in a lifetime
  • 25.2V 10Ah 2000 mAh battery
  • DC 24V, 90W motor
  • Frame Material: ABS, Aluminum 
  • Wheel Material: ABS Spokes, Aluminum Hub, Rubber Tread
  • Charger Input: AC 100V-240V
  • Charger Output: 3.5A, 29.4V (trickle charging)
  • Folded Measurements (without wheels): 32″ x 26″ x 14″ 
  • Unfolded Measurements (with wheels) – 46′′ x 27′′ x 39.5′′ 
  • Forward, reverse, left, right, stop, set distances, and other remote options
  • Downhill braking 
  • Flexible handle
  • Package Weight: 51 lbs
  • Package Dimensions – 32.25″ x 28.5″ x 16.25″
  • A 12-month guarantee on all components

The Callaway Traverse golf cart is a hands-free motorised cart designed to improve your golf games. It gives a user complete control over direction and speed with its convenient and easy-to-use remote control. That makes it one of the most user-friendly golf cart options on the market. It can be just what you need to combat exhaustion associated with having to carry golf clubs and accessories across the greens. The Traverse Cart has a storage compartment as well as holders for a scorecard, an umbrella, balls, tees and drinks.

If you are currently in the market for a versatile and reliable electric golf cart, Traverse from Callaway can be one of the options worth looking at.