Regardless of ability level, golf mats and putting greens are vital components of any training facility. With these two readily accessible resources, you may easily practice and improve your skills. While there are other options available, the Golf Mat & Putting Green Combination from Firebuilt is among the finest and should be considered. This convenient package has sufficient innovation to assist golfers improve their practice rounds.

The Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green unites the company’s renowned golf mat with its innovative putting green. Golfers may begin learning everything from shooting strokes to putting when and whenever you have the time. The Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Center-Hitting Combination Mat presents Fiberbuilt’s agile and robust fairway turf with the company ‘s authentic putting greens. It mimics chipping shots on the golfer’s preferred course with precision. Golfers from across the world like the Fiberbuilt Grass hitting ground, which is warranted for three hundred thousand swings.

The Fibrebuilt Bundle includes the following features:

  • Fibrebuilt hitting fields are created with genuine Fibrebuilt Grass, enabling exact launch settings and injury avoidance.
  • Both right-handed and left-handed golfers may use this combination.
  • It is very straightforward to assemble.
  • Along with a 10’x6′, 10’x8′, or 10’x12′ Putting Green is a 10’x4′ Hitting Mat.
  • Two 4.5′ x 4′ Performance Turf Stance Mats are coupled with a 1′ x 4′ piece of genuine Fiberbuilt grass.
  • The setup is suitable for the large majority of widely used launch monitors.
  • On the striking surfaces, genuine Fiberbuilt Grass is used, allowing for realistic launching circumstances and injury-free practice.

This Fibrebuilt bundle has –

  • Performance Turf mats (two in total)
  • Putting grass with dual-hole slits
  • Nylon fiber grass segment (total of two)
  • Metal cups (total of two)
  • Rubberized flexible base with locking fasteners

The Fibrebuilt Grass Series Center-Hitting Combination Golf Mat is a combination of a traditional studio mat and an innovative putting greens product. The 100 sq ft of area afforded by the putting green and center-hitting studio mat may be of great assistance in terms of critical to developing. It is ideal for outdoor practice and is also compatible with inside simulators.

Fibrebuilt Center Hitting Golf Mat and Putting Green users will enjoy the following advantages:

  • A one-year warranty and a guarantee good for 300,000 shots are included with the purchase of a Fibrebuilt Performance Turf Golf Mat.
  • Stance Mats are covered by a one-year guarantee from the seller. 
  • The company provides a 5-year warranty coverage on the rubber bases. 
  • If you are a golfer trying to enhance your game, it may be prudent to get the Fibrebuilt Golf Mat and Putting Green combination. 
  • Fibrebuilt is among the most well-known producers of golf clubs worldwide. You may be certain that any equipment issues will be addressed by product warranties.

To acquire a better understanding, please review the attributes and elements stated above.