An electric golf scooter is one of the handiest pieces of equipment a player can acquire. It may help them go faster between holes while helping to conserve energy. Fat Tire’s Rebel Trike XR model is one of the best and most popular scooter options available on the market. Check out some of its features and qualities below to get a sense of what to expect.

A host of powerful features are at your disposal.

Golfers of all levels of expertise might benefit from making use of the Fat Tire Rebel Trike XR Extended Range since it is simple to operate. If you are able to ride a bicycle, you may find that using this product is extremely simple and flexible. When compared to standard golf vehicles, this lightweight and environmentally friendly electric scooter do far less damage to a course’s greens.

This automobile is equipped with two Lithium-Ion batteries, and in order to fully charge either of them, one has to keep the power supply plugged in for around six hours. There is a possibility that the scooter may operate for a lengthy amount of time, for as many as 36 holes, depending on the rider’s weight and the circumstances of the circuit. To get the most out of this scooter, users may instantly swap out different batteries while they are out on the course. The Trike XR is an incredible asset for satisfying the requirements of a vast majority of golfers.

Fast and reliable

The Trike XR is capable of reaching a top speed of up to 15 miles per hour. However, the pace might change depending on the rider’s weight as well as the topographical variation. Individuals weighing up to 300 pounds may travel safely and comfortably in these automobiles. Customers have the option of selecting a different seat from Fat Tire, which comes with more padding and is better able to withstand high temperatures.

Although the Fat Tire Golf Scooter is intended for use in wet conditions, it is not recommended since it may make it difficult to navigate around hazards on the course. This scooter’s battery and other electrical components are housed under the seat. Unlike other scooters, they are not contained within the floorboard of this one. This makes the scooter substantially better at providing protection against adverse weather.

Contents of the Package

  • Batteries that can be removed (with quick-swap technology)
  • Sand container
  • Long-lasting golf bag holder with a tee
  • Battery voltage display
  • Differential AC motor
  • Cooler with drink holder
  • 110-volt power outlet 
  • A charger 
  • LED headlights
  • A scorecard holder
  • A spacious and well-cushioned seat 
  • Front and rear suspension for a pleasant ride
  • Waterproof Lithium-Ion battery
  • The tires are turf-friendly and suitable for use on most courses. 
  • Metal bag holder that can accommodate even large travel bags
  • A scorecard, pencil, small objects, tees, balls, and a beverage can be stored on the handlebar shelf.
  • A one-year limited warranty on automotive components is provided.

Explore the most important characteristics and options available on the Fat Tire Rebel Trike XR scooter above. It might be exactly what you need to meet your mobility needs and help you keep getting better at what you do.